Taking the fun out of it.

“This is a great song! Isn’t that neat a guitar effect? Look at me notice that! Awesome, eh?”

Blank stare, “He’s just strumming the guitar and moving his hand up and down the frets.”

Returning of the blank stare, “…Well it sounds a lot more high-falutin’ than that… Mister Can’t Appreciate the Simple Stuff.”  


4 Responses to Taking the fun out of it.

  1. Guess Who says:

    Like the new look. Feel free to axe the comment if you’d like. And you said I would never read your blog … Tsk I say … Tsk.

  2. The Rebuker says:

    I’ve spent the last twenty minutes reading everything on your blog. Now I am struck by a)an irrepressible desire to respond and b)a miasmatic depression brought on by feelings of wit-envy.
    And I wish I spoke German so I could understand what exactly your mother said about Coke Zero. But I’m also glad you made the decision not to translate, because I’d rather understand nothing than understand a watery, Coke Zero-esque translation.
    One love,

  3. D says:

    Lovely dear. I like. However, what the hell are you talking about?

  4. Erin says:

    Did you get a picture of the blank stare that jon gave you? or was this from a nother guitarist?

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