What actually is going right?

I’m using a prompt for this one. The prompt goes on to discuss what is going right in your life, your day, or in just this hour because the writer of the prompt astutely notes that there are enough blogs that rant about inane things. [Like I usually do.] I feel like I’m a bit hard pressed to figure out what is right in my life right now and maybe I’ll feel a bit more perky after I’m done. I’m going for a round ten the in the “This Is Your Life” category.

  1. J is still here. Stinky is still here. Meaning that I still hear lots of soothing battle noises from the other room and every now and then a plaintive meow directed at moth that won’t just come down and let itself be eaten as nature intended.
  2. I now have two Goldfrapp albums. No more listening to the two songs over and over again…well…maybe I’m not so sure about that.
  3. I’m managing my disbursement money much better than I thought I would. Um, so far. *knocks on wood* I think I might be getting this responsible ‘adult’ bit down. Well, at least financially if not emotionally.
  4. I haven’t lost my parking spot at home in about a week, even later at night. In fact, the parking fairies have been really kind to me and I keep somehow managing to keep getting parking (or managing to catch the bus) on campus easily. Or else I have some sort of keen parking instinct…but I do think it’s more the fairies.
  5. I have a neighbor that will give me a hug if I need it. He tolerates my humor as much as I tolerate his, probably more so actually.
  6. I don’t think it is noticed in one of my classes how severely behind in the reading I am. But the swell thing about philosophical discussion, just ask a well-posed Steven Wright question and you’re in the butter.
  7. Speaking of reading, I currently have 18 books checked out from the library and the last time I waddled up to the circulation desk to check out another hefty stack they didn’t say no. [I also just wandered over to the library website. I have unlimited checkout status! And I can keep books for 120 days! I’m quite tickled.]
  8. All the people that I care about them actually know that I do. I’m not sure how many people could really say that.   
  9. It makes me restless more often than not, but life is pretty stable right now. Which means no door-slamming, no arguments about taking out the kitty litter or doing the dishes, no late night phone calls, and no strange bitter conversations in parking lots.
  10. Although I’m a sad, sad person and never donate, I was thrilled to get new address stickers for envelopes because, damn, I took those for granted for a while. I thought that the sick children and veterans had finally caught on to my scheme.


One Response to What actually is going right?

  1. The Rebuker says:

    11. Your hair seems to spontaneously change color and shape. I find this impressive.

    12. You’ve made that all important step in any English major’s life to read Gertrude Stein.

    13. You’ll probably soon be taking that other important step in every English major’s life: hating Gertrude Stein

    14. Look at all the people who comment on your blog. We could be doing homework, interacting with our families, participating in charity events, but we choose to spend our time with you. Es bueno, no?

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