Impulse Purchase

Both my friend and I came online last night with the great intent of telling the other about a purchase they had made that day. In my friends case, he told me about an intensely priced set of noise canceling headphones made for the true “audiophile.”  I hmmed a bit about it, suggested earplug head phones and ear muffs, and then jumped into the description of my gleeful impulse purchase for the night – my very own high temperature glue gun. Two dollars, baby.


“…Why a glue gun?”

“Why the hell not?”

“What are you going to do with it?”

“Oh I don’t know… glue things maybe?”


As I sat at the dinner table caressing my new toy and plotting irreparable damage (since I hadn’t really bought it with any real specific tasks in mind),  J asked my why I got a high temperature gun.


“Heat! Hello! Low temperature must be for wimps! Hear me roar!” I roared. 


…Then my mind wandered to what subversive Metal Gear Solid –esque jobs could be done with low temperature glue. J winced at a couple of my suggestions. R, who was with me as I bought this, told me jokingly that “whole new worlds would open up.” Whole new worlds of crazy!


But really, let’s be honest. Ask me what all I’ve glued in about three months time. Anyone that’s seen my crafts box (naturally I have one – a prime yard sale find), notes the suspicious lack of anything craft-like in the house and notices my lack of true patience, knows that that tally will be nil.


Glue Gun Madness 

Fear: German Glue Gun Gestapo


2 Responses to Impulse Purchase

  1. E says:

    So I was right, no?

    Work today is boring. Trying to charge a truck’s battery with a crappy battery charger apparently takes forever.

  2. D says:

    Stopping evil, one popsicle stick at a time…

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