Holy crap, best movie ever? Howl’s Moving Castle… Also, a little manic to my blogging panache.

Well, within reason. Why did I not watch this sooner? I’ve had this one sitting in my room for over a year. My anime fervor has died down in the last couple of years, so I kept pushing it off and pushing it off…


But here’s a movie that reminds me exactly why I enjoy these types of films and anime in general: cute anime guys and fantasy stretched to the overblown possibility. Now, in explaining to J, one of the movies this reminds me of…or more of the book really, is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. There is something so over the top to this film –  I’m still not quite sure what happened in parts of it or why something happened (why the story went the way it did).



Maybe I just needed a cute Ghibli love movie.


Now I need to go finish Full Metal Alchemist. This reviewing my huge anime collection is much cheaper than driving to El Paso to see Marie Antoinette. Maybe I can also get all up on my anime again and go the Anime Night they have here and pick up some hot anime-lovin’ dude… Ha, hot anime-lovin’ dude, what an  oxymoron. I kill me.


[Also, fun word I learned today – panache. Panache means a dash or flamboyance in style and action (or an ornamental tuft especially on a helmet). Use in a sentence: Dear sir, that gold beret gives you a strange sort of panache.]


2 Responses to Holy crap, best movie ever? Howl’s Moving Castle… Also, a little manic to my blogging panache.

  1. Coy says:

    I never really got into the whole anime thing like other geeks in High School. I did finally watch the whole Ranma 1/2 series because I knew David liked it, and it didn’t look as silly as Dragon Ball Z or something like that. You should have tried to get me to watch anime with you after high school 😉

  2. JenBen says:

    Oh that is one of the best anime movies I have ever seen. There was another one I saw recently and we own it…ugh…I’ll find the name of it for you later when my mind is less tired.

    Great series to watch: Record of the Lodoss Wars, Dragon Drive (cute one), oh bother, there are a few other I like but they aren’t comin’ to mind.

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