Sloth is my beauty secret.

I can’t leave well enough alone.


But in other news, my hair is finally getting long enough to put up. It’s maddening. This is where the quest for long hair usually begins its demise. I’ve gathered that femininity begins with a healthy head of locks, but I haven’t had mine at least shoulder length… in about seven or eight years. When I came to State, I had my hair shorn as a release for negative romantic emotions and I terrified myself because I looked so very…manly. My face hadn’t really changed yet, and I was still wagging my fist at my father’s round faced genetics. I got many a “Can I help you sir, err… – Ma’am?” with a chortle and/or embarrassed cough.

At the beginning of this summer, I decided another romantic cut o’mourning would be in effect and hacked it off again. The results were pleasing. It was light. It was different. Someone called me pixie-esque. Then another said it looked “wispy.” Hot damn, those are adjectives I had never heard said about me. You bet I ran with that.

But really, I keep seeing the longer hair, get that swirling hair appreciation, and also appreciate the wee bit of cheekbone growth that I got in the last couple of years. I think then, hey, give me five months and some gum and I’ll be fine. Because honestly, this must be like quitting smoking. There are the shakes, the cursing and storming about, the longing for the short hair and pointed looks at scissors. Even cloth scissors. At this point, I’m only about ¾’s of an inch from the nape of my neck. So let’s do a quick pro and con:


  • I can rock the sultry hair-around-my-eyes swirl.
  • There are so many fun things I could stick into my hair; another prime opportunity to disregard color-matching!


  • Arg! *rapid head shaking*
  • I cannot wake up and just go out. You can do that with short hair. It’s called bed head. It’s right up there with Coke Zero. It’s so devious too. “God, I love what you did with your hair!” That’s right, I slept. Deep restless beauty sleep.

Conclusion: Who knows. Women and their hair. I don’t feel that I can have an accurate scholarly input on this subject yet. I don’t need to look employable for a while… Maybe another round of the blue?


One Response to Sloth is my beauty secret.

  1. Erin says:

    I am going pink soon I’m tired of looking like the nice army wife who got assaulted by a piercer… SO YAY FOR BLUE AND VANITY!!!!

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