Blog or Die

This is where I explain the NaBloPoMo button on the side of my site. I, like a bunch of other people I know, was going to do the NaNoWriMo (writing a whole novel in one month.) Mucho intimidating. But then I found this. A blog post for everyday in November. That’s right, a total cop-out from writing 1600 words a day, but at least it’ll get me writing everyday… hopefully. This is going to be more regular than my homework. *cough*


Just kidding Mom.

Yes, this even means posting on weekends. It’s crazy talk. I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a lot of random picture blogging. A picture of my feet in my literacy class. A picture of my tire. My cat blinking up from her perch on my stereo after I poke her. On some days, there might just be some insightful ramblings.


But at least I planned ahead on the wardrobe.

Yep, it's true.

J, from over my shoulder, “Oh no, that’s an ‘She’s unhappy and slightly confused’ face.”
Me, slightly unhappy and confused, “No, that’s my ‘just a touch of sultry’ face… Dammit, there’s my problem.”


5 Responses to Blog or Die

  1. D says:

    I want your shirt. Like…the one you are wearing. The one you have on right now. That very one.

  2. The Rebuker says:

    Much nicer than my husband’s “I’m Flogging This” underpants.

  3. Doc Bill says:

    Pammer (Outside Voice) roped me into this. I’m such a slacker and I use “writer’s block” as an excuse, weak though it is.

    So, I’m in, too. Fortunately, November hath 30 days like September. Yea, team, we get a Slack Day!

    One more thing. Volvo drivers. Is it just me?

    All the best,

  4. Very amazing site! I wish I could do something as nice as you did…mary

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