Happy New Year and happy blogging for all!

J thinks that this blog holds him out to be a bad depiction of him as my best friend. He thinks that people would view his narrations as irritating at best. [I’m not entirely sure how he comes to that conclusion. He’s the best thing I have to a conscience sometimes.] But look, he’s the first thing I’m blogging about on my month long endeavor.
He’s the one that bought me my Meditating Cow for no reason last week. [I think he wanted me to stop being a sad cow, and it really did work. Thank you.] So who else has a meditating cow? I thought as much.  I also thought I’d share the serenity with the rest of you.

This is what I have to remind me that when I’m feeling like a stubborn cow and don’t feel like writing, all you really need is just a black and white kimono and a red pillow.  And sake. Lots of sake. 


2 Responses to Happy New Year and happy blogging for all!

  1. eatsbugs says:

    Nice cow. Let’s do sake sometime.

  2. Erin says:

    wait…jon bought you a cow and he thinks he’s your conscience…hummm so who’s jons conscience? the cow?

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