Coffee Anyone?

I don’t actually want to become one of those bloggers who cater strictly to the audience, but hot damn, in a little over 60 days I’ve had nearly 700 viewings. Most likely 30 percent is from my Mom reloading the page now that I told her about my little domain in the internet. She doesn’t not leave comments, but instead writes me frantic one line emails how I should not be dying my hair unnatural colors. But what’s neat is that I’m getting a surprising amount of hits linked from NaBloPoMo as well.

[Which is making me shy…*points toes inward*]

I had to change the time on my blog because I kept thinking about how WordPress has the site on UTC and when it’s 11 AM here it’s 6 PM for them, which could mess me up in my daily blogging if I do go out, and you know, have a life. [A life, heh.]

(Such as tonight, I’m going to a reading for a hunger benefit. Very English major-y.)

And along with blog stats there are people getting a feed from my site. I didn’t even know that I had friends that used feeds! (Except for you, Coy. I can count on you for web savvy.) Maybe D or E, too? But it’s about 4-7 regulars on the feeds. Whenever I see 34 hits to my site, I think, I don’t even know that many people! Where are they when I want to have pseudo-intellectual discussions at quaint coffee shops at 2:30 in morning?


5 Responses to Coffee Anyone?

  1. Erin says:

    well I’m in Alaska but if you wanna come up here and have those converstaions I’m all up for it! lol… So what coffee shop is open that late?

  2. firewings says:

    Denny’s I’m afraid. And the Village Inns…and IHOP.

    Nothing really quaint by my terms.

  3. I’m in bed having crashed and burned three hours earlier, but I dream of having philosophical conversations in smoky bars and neat coffee houses all afire on caffeine and company.

    It may have to wait until the children leave.

    I was an english major too.

  4. Coy says:

    Well the last coffee shop I was in was starbucks in Taipei at 3 in the afternoon, which indeed was 2 in the morning here in Houston. So if you want to have conversations at coffee shops at 2 in the morning just hop on a plane and go with me next time.
    And yes I’m getting your news feeds. I don’t know if you noticed, but anyone recieving MY news feeds would have seen it. I got my first spammer on my blog! I doubt the spam message reached as many people as he intended…probably just me and david.

  5. eatsbugs says:

    I don’t get your feed, but I click your link at least once a day. And I don’t know whose getting my feeds, but wow, yay!

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