Is that a violin in your pocket?

Over and over our university stresses the happy happenstance of us being so brightly colored in diversity. No, pry that Grilled Stuffed burrito out of your slimy hands, we are blessed to have authentic Mexican food. This seems, for plain ol’ me, to be just an excuse to take the Seven Layer burrito and really flavor it with seven layers of hell. I prefer things like potatoes and salt… maybe a dash of curry if I’m feeling frisky.


But aside from the culinary values of living in the “Borderland” [This word’ll get you the most brownie point in an interest letter by the way.], there are the more unique facets of Mexican culture that you don’t really get to see up close in personal in very many other Northern states.


Take for instance today, I was going to Photoshop workshop instructed by the English department. The workshop was held in the bowels of this one building, and as the lecturer goes on to explain how layers are such a fabulous thing, we hear this thunderous cacophony above us. All eyes point upward as two people mumble, “That’s the Mariachi conference. They’re rehearsing for this weekend.”


So they rest of the workshop went thusly, eerily in tune with our workshop. It really made everything quite dramatic.


“I didn’t discuss opacity in how layers work…”


“But there are several ways to highlight text –”


“Where layers can come in real handy.”

Thump. THUMP.


3 Responses to Is that a violin in your pocket?

  1. Derek says:

    We had our multi-cultural event this year. A boy with cat ears sat in one building selling art to fund the Anime Club.

  2. Hwsnbn says:

    ^_^ Now I can see why people come here all the time. Told ya I would get to reading it. It just takes me getting to a lab. Anyhoo, Talk to you prolly tonight or tomorrow. (Btw, I like the name actually. I may start using it more often. Seriously. no jokes here)

  3. E says:

    And it’s not a real Mexican restaurant until you get the local mariachi troupe to come by at dinner and start playing from table to table and the complimentary chips don’t come with one, but three salsas!

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