Not enough drool in my life.

So there have been these emails coming to me about how there are community service hours that can be attained by doing various odd jobs. [Community service hours feed into funding I can get to jet set academically all over the country.] Unfortunately, jobs like catering to kiddies in Halloween costumes or selling overpriced coke at different venues have not really fallen in line with combining what I like to do and what there is a need for. (This desire is something that seems like it should be highly stroked whilst doing degree work here. This suits me plenty. Except when I realize that I have no aims or motivations, then it’s just depressing.)


Nonetheless I get an email on Friday saying an expanded version of, “Would anyone like to come read for about an hour or two while puppies joyously come try to find you?”




Yes indeed, there was a call for fresh blood in the local canine search and rescue team. Basic premise: you drive out to the desert, bring a T-shirt for the dogs to catch your scent from, and then find a hiding space for the dogs to be able to try to find you.


The only reservation came when the coordinator pulled out the lawn chair out in the spot where I would be sitting alone. He narrowed his eyes toward other side of the arroyo and mused, “Was that a coyote?”




“I think it was just a bunny.”


Let’s hope.


But everything went swimmingly, some dogs finding me better and faster than others, but overall, if I was a drunk hiker, I think I’d be ok. And overall, participating in a good cause which includes just sitting and reading for about fifteen minutes while dogs race to find you? That’s a charity I can actually get behind.


3 Responses to Not enough drool in my life.

  1. obv says:

    speaking of puppies, if you ever get a place of your own with dogs allowed i know where you can get either a husky, or a pit. your choice.

  2. Jessi says:

    Awww…that’s awesome. I wanna do it!

  3. eatsbugs says:

    You lead a bizarre life.

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