About every week or so I’ve taken a day in order to add links I’ve found to my blogroll. Finslippy reminded me that you shouldn’t just get stuck in your corner of the internet, but to roll around in it like a pile a leaves, invariably finding a slug or two, but mostly just becoming breathless with joy. NaBloPoMo has opened me up to my own pile of leaves and I roll, roll, roll, much to the dismay of my class readings.


I just get so caught up in the notion that this internet is this thriving, living thing, as fallible as we are and yet filled so much creativity and hope for the future. Reading any Mommy blog will no doubt tell you about at least the latter portion of that.


It’s strange too, that I’ve been absorbed with Mommy blogs. Those SAHM are something else. I keep finding links with this great, great writing that invariably comes back around to the fact that they have kids, usually impossibly young children so that in theory they should have no time for this blogging business. It makes me feel like I’m shyly standing on the door of the blogging world playdate, imagining that my verbosity and humor will increase ten-fold once I’ve born some young and carry them screaming through said door.


[Random fact for the day: Do you know that tea is credited to improve British hygiene back when it was introduced because of the boiling of the water? I really wanted to post about that, but feeling sassy enough to segue way from Mommy blogs to tea? Not so much.]


4 Responses to Leaves

  1. The Rebuker says:

    What is SAHM?

  2. The Rebuker says:

    *wistful sigh* That must be nice.

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