I do a great howling cat impression.

I don’t have a specifically quaint story relating to today. I was back on the road for five hours with the before mentioned howling cat, who only stops the deep-throated meows only when she is securely wedged between the steering wheel and my lap.

I live dangerously. [Especially when I txt during this scenario. I know, I KNOW. ]

But I just wandered into Staples and held the laptop I want. MeOW. I want it so badly. Others say they want a fulfilling career that challenges them and evolves, but I really just want a job with good benefits and the ability to write off new computer purchases as tax deductible. Or better yet, be able to purchase them with the company card.

This makes me think about the ‘horror’ stories of possible employers reading your site and making quick decisions about your inability to push paper due to sharp, biting humor. (Or more likely, statements alluding to what exactly stays in Vegas.) Let me just tell you, Mr./Ms. Employer, I will conduct the utmost efficient research on my purchases and will be able to definitely find the best bargain. As with this, I will save hundreds of dollars online with this purchase, instead of giving into my emotions and howling like a cat trapped in a car that they should bring the computer from the back. Thusly, I could be a valuable asset for your company.  


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