Overcoming lethargy, onward with procrastination.

It’s the last day of NaBloPoMo and I am one sad cow. Thankfully, it is not for the reasons mentioned so often, but more that I will have nothing mentally poking me to write my blog after today.


During November, I’ve made posting like brushing my teeth. Or better yet, like putting on my pants, since every day it was one leg at a time to punch out another post. There really wasn’t a day where I thought, ‘Damn, damn, damn. What the hell will I write?’ I’m tend to veer off into rambling speculation in my mind all the time and to just take five minutes to type it into the ether never was that big of deal.

What I’m sad about is that I had a whole bulleted list of speculations and questions I was going to write about waiting for me on my desktop just in case. I even have the book No One Cares What You Had for Lunch, 100 Ideas for Your Blog by Margaret Mason. I think I somewhat used one of her prompts. 99 more…shockingly untouched.

It sounds as if I will be giving up blogging and taking a patch for it. No, no, nothing of the sort. I most likely will not stop this daily posting, but I do think I want my weekends back. That list will be a lot of fun for those who do keep coming back to my site.

I also think I will continue on mumbling to myself, “9:30… I haven’t blogged yet…Hmm, cookies…Chai…I really should blog about my new tea kettle…Tea…chai…Do we have milk?…Ha, a blog about that one story about the milk would be funny… Well…It wasn’t funny at the time. I could make it funny in a blog…Ah, yes. Blog dee blog blog.”

What will also disappear in this house is the following conversation:

“I have to do my NaPoBoMo…” I scrunch up my face. “NaPoBloMo-”
“NaBloPoMo,” interjects J.
“Na…Blo…Po…Mo, Na…Blo…PoMo, NaBloPoMo…”
I start to sneak out of the room, “Got it. I have to do my, um…blogging duty for tonight.”
J eyes me for a moment, “Nice.”

That I won’t miss quite as much.


5 Responses to Overcoming lethargy, onward with procrastination.

  1. Obviously says:

    Becuase I know you love comments so very much. And yes this truly is a well done site.

  2. krista says:

    Ha! That was funny.

    I’m not going to miss doing my blogging duty at all. I feel liberated! (I did enjoy nablopomo… er- napoblomo, er blogging everyday, but I’m glad it’s done)

  3. eatsbugs says:

    I challenge you to a duel. Complete at least one prompt a week. Shoot for the big ones.

  4. firewings says:

    The big ones? In that book?

    Or questions about the meaning of life? Or why some men are chumps? …Or why dark chocolate gets better when you get older?

    Those are the big ones for me.

  5. E says:

    Oh, try coming up with words for NaNoWriMo one of these days. To be honest, it isn’t really that hard; you just have to get a couple of characters together and have them talk to one another about anything. Now, getting them in interesting situations and providing them with enough good talking points to keep yourself from wanting to impale your eyes with rusty skewers… That’s really the hard part.

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