That’s gold-specked teal, y’all.

So this is what I see on my dashboard of my blog:


what colors go with mauve?/2
teal kitchen/1
is tea not good for semen/1

I can almost, allllllmost, start my own advice column with just the search engine terms itself. This is not the first request for teal kitchen. I had no idea that teal kitchens floated so many people’s boats.

But the tea question? I’m totally stumped on that one. I highly doubt it would be bad for your semen, unless the host in question decides that instead of sugar she’ll be using polonium.


2 Responses to That’s gold-specked teal, y’all.

  1. E says:

    So you can’t drink tea whilst in the Navy? Well, that just seems weird. Are we still secretly angry about years of legacy British Naval Power? This should be investigated…

    Oh, wait. Semen, not SEAmen. Nevermind.

  2. Erin says:

    In answer to the tea question the Caffeine does something to the little guys and I guess it can cause them to be slow or mutated with more tails or heads than they should have. Something to that effect or it could lower the count of them. I can’t remember. So what colors DO go with teal?

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