Allow myself to introduce…um, D.

D and I thought that dueling blogs would be almost as entertaining, in a sick and perverted way, as dueling banjos. Therefore, we are coaching each other into posting similar blogs that come from these prompts.
Number 73. Collect people.

I’ve known D since high school. He came prepackaged with a whole group of people, namely most of my closer friends, but he’s one of the few that I continue to talk to after high school. I even think we’ve gotten a bit closer. But he used to be in a hell of a lot of my classes though. We liked to admire men together in tight shirts.
When I came out swinging my shiny new blog he was helpless but go out and be real trendy like me. I could say I set him on the tentative blogging path. Okay, I will. He wouldn’t be on here except save for my fabulous influence. I turned him away from Myspace. This is true power.

Here is my interview with him. His interview of me is over at his site.

1. Quick, I say the word “Dandy”, you say:

1940. And polyester.

2. Have any hidden talents that you would like to have not so hidden any more? Share with us.

I can completely ignore the road and talk on a cell phone at the same time. Wait, that’s not special. I can cook a mean potato casserole! How’s that?

3. If you had to choose, werewolf, vampire or pixie, which and why?

Totally vampire. Nothing sexier. Also, I’m a total gamer geek, and that was my favorite rpg growing up. Probably still us. I also like nightime, long walks on a sunless beach and eating flesh.

4. What kind of organizations do you belong to and which one has the most interesting acronym?

There is Kappa Kappa Psi, which can be jokingly referred to as KY or KK-pitchfork.

5. So why exactly do you tolerant me anyhow and what is your favorite memory of us? [You see how I’m weaving more than ten questions into this? Corollaries baby.]

You are funny, smarter than you think you are, and you tend to make me think about things in a different light. It also might be because you tolerate me, and that’s worth something. Memory? hmm… Probably sitting in your house watching anime and eating that coconut thing your mom made. It was dern tasty.

6. So you’re looking not to teach right now, but if you could save a whale that you loved, and perhaps admired, by teaching, what level of education would you teach? College? Middle school? High School? Why?
….Or would you just be a cold, heartless bastard and not save the whale?

I would save the whale, but only if it were beluga whale. They have their own theme music.

7. What mores do you value?

I value s’mores. Does that count?

8. What are you like when you’re gobsmackedly drunk? Any favorite drinks?

Imagine little somber and slightly sarcastic me. Add sugar and alcohol. Shake vigorously, and you have a social butterfly with ADD and the inability to focus its pupils.

9.There is a swarm of locusts. The end is near. What do you grab?

Probably my car keys, to see if I can’t out run them. Or at least stay safer…But after that, it would have to be a cell phone to make all those important phone calls one must make when the end is near.

10. Any journalist worth their sarcastic salt should always ask this question: if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Either a birch or an oak. Birch trees are pretty in large groups, and I would hope to be a large group. Oaks are strong, and the look great when they are standing
alone, which I am good at anyway. Or maybe a juniper, because then I’d smell good. Not that I don’t know…just….


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