Because that’s how I roll.

Now that my classes haven’t been scheduled from dawn to dusk – or depending on the day, after lunch – I have had to enter the fray of not so happy campus parking this last semester. Students rant and rave about parking here, but to be honest, timing and a little sprinkling from the luck fairy is everything. Does that mean getting the timing of going to class down to a ten minute window a half hour before class on some days and taking the shuttle for the other? Oh but yes. Call me crazy.


But I sincerely love my car on days like this. I’ve had other days where I’ve had this severely sweet and platonic love for my car. You see, the lot that I need to be in is probably the busiest, if not second busiest on campus, and best of all, has only sparse remnants of ye olde parking lines. Cars are thrown haphazardly all over the place,  leaving perfect three foot gaps between multiple cars all over the lot at any point of the day.

Earlier in the semester, I was experiencing a wee bit of road rage, in combination of hunger and being a tad late for class, and had had it. Sharking the lot, I saw a slot that wasn’t meant for a car. Perhaps two motorcycles. I slammed on the brakes mid pass and eyed it. Reversed it and took my sweet ol’ time inching myself in.

Now in high school I had earned my badge as Most Excellent Parker Ever by maneuvering my 1986 Chevy land yacht through the school’s parking lot. I had no fear. Little dented Kias and their ilk tried to get impetuous with their rights, I had none of it. They would honk. I would gently gun my car in an ominously rocking motion, car speak for, ‘Doest thou not understand thou canst not intimidate such a hideous and awful foe.’ This is how I learned that a good turn radius and steel are a great, great thing.

 Flash forward, that last time I almost had to climb out of my trunk to get out of my car. I was completely amazed and bemused at the engineering and dynamics that made my car so narrow and spent a few seconds admiring my work. Then I felt an insane amount of guilt on how close I had parked in relation to the other cars. But as much as I’m all for random acts of kindness and happy rainbows, just like everyone else, some days it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.

Today, nearly the same situation, I see a car pull ahead of me into the small section of the lot and I thought, ‘Damn, whatever spot was there, is gone.’ I weave through the lanes and see this same car pull in and out of a spot. He couldn’t quite fit. He gave up and drove around me. I zoomed over, eyed it, and squeezed my narrow self in there. I was nicer today than previously. Were the driver doors clear for someone of modest size to get in? Check. I knew then that somewhere a kitten smiled and a rainbow appeared.


3 Responses to Because that’s how I roll.

  1. eatsbugs says:

    kitten + rainbows = a volvo gets its wings.

  2. Sarah says:

    I have to admit I enjoy my small car just as much.

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