Steal my ideas. I dare you.

“So I did manage to punch out a story as my final for my short story class.”


“Fun. What was it about?”


“Um, mostly trust and faith in yourself. But there was a talking ox with psychic powers.”




“You’re not serious.”


“I am.”


“There weren’t any… sad cows in it by any chance?”


“Oh damn. That might have just worked.”


Eyes rolling, “You really couldn’t think of any other ideas?”


“Hmm, I had some others. But a ninja ox with psychic powers cleaning up the gritty underworld of a non-descript southern city seemed like I’d be going just a bit too far.”


3 Responses to Steal my ideas. I dare you.

  1. E says:

    How about mutated turtles with martial arts skills that clean up the crime wave of an underground network of masked evil ninjas? Oh, wait that’s been done before…

    I still need to finish your story… For Chicago!

  2. eatsbugs says:

    Maybe if you gave the psychic ox a sad and sarcastic tone, it come become a humor piece!

  3. Erin says:

    I SOOOO want a copy of the story!!!! Seriously…

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