Not a post where I kvetch about my lack of chutzpah with the nice non-meshuga men.

I’ve anticipated this break for weeks. Finally, a chance to catch up on reading of my choosing. In mind with another needed break of reading Lolita [Where, when reading, I kept thinking ‘Well, this kid is sweetly and madly in love with…Wait a tic… whoa, and um, eeew.],  I settled in today with The Bonesetter’s Daughter by Amy Tan, popcorn, hot chocolate and a mound of pillows. I got halfway through and then realized with a start that as of this weekend I will be knee deep in cable.


Earlier this week my Mom informed me of the consumer joy that awaits me. About a month ago there was a severe yearning for the Golf Channel and digital music in the ol’ nest and overnight my parents amped up their cable subscription. “You should see how many channels there now are,” gushed my Mom.


Today on the phone with her, I’m caught in mid-breath when she tells me matter-of-factly, “I have to go here in a minute and watch Grey’s Anatomy. I Tivo’d it.”


Beyond thinking, ‘Really, shouldn’t I be watching that instead of my mother?’, what got me more was my Mom using the word Tivo. You know when you’re listening to someone and then suddenly realize that they’re not terribly familiar with a certain word and that they’re still trying to get their mouths around it? A feeling that this word hasn’t quite been adopted into their personal diction yet? (Key indications: a hint of a pause before use and clear enunciations.) Yeah, that’s how “Tivo” sounded like from my Mom. Somehow strangely adorable.


It’s a lot like testing your way with names like Foucault in grad classes or throwing Yiddish terms like kvetching seamlessly in modern speech. That latter bit is harder than you’d think.


“You should have some more chutzpah and talk to that kid eyeing you at the corner of the bar.”

“Um, is that a drink?”



2 Responses to Not a post where I kvetch about my lack of chutzpah with the nice non-meshuga men.

  1. Erin says:

    HAHA my parents watch the Golf Channel too! Soo Tivo…hummm kinda like today when my dad (a ford man since I can remember) said today he’s going to buy….wait for it….a FUCKING GMC!!!!! I thought I was going to die. Now I know what the feeling is when a parent is told they are going to be a grand parent… he’s growing up soo fast!*tear*

  2. eatsbugs says:

    Have I ever told you you make me giggle when you write. Really you do.

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