Itty Bitty is relative.

This is just an itty bitty post just to let the few of you know that I am not passed out in a gutter somewhere with a raging eggnog hangover and a shattered Gluhwein bottle clutched in my left hand for defensive purposes. 

Gluhwein is, by the way, German spiced wine that you heat up before consuming. 

Oh speaking of the drink, here is something for which I want some opinions. I was a DD the other night. Beyond realizing I am not completely cut out for being a DD, especially on DJ Rap night, I also had an Incident.


I was officially in charge of two drunkards, one a good friend and the other his best friend. Now the latter had another friend that arrived separately but who joined us and proceeded to get sloshed.  

Now after watching this 5’1″ gal down three shots and two beers, and hearing her tell me her tale of not being able to find the door out of the bathroom until guided by others, I wasn’t really willing to let her drive home. We proceed to go get food and after she about starts a fight with other drunks at the eatery and eats one taco, she feels that she is fine to drive 45 minutes to another city. 

I got suddenly really unpopular when I said that I would call the cops on her if I saw her get into her car. These were the guns I was going to stick with. Question numero uno: Was I being heavy-handed? I would call the cops on even the closest of my friends, but really, I would think I would be able to convince the lot of them to not drive. Thinking about it, most of them wouldn’t even consider it actually. But the fact that I didn’t know her well didn’t really add to me wanting to get really aggressive about that sort of thing.

[Okay, “itty bitty post” was an exaggeration.] 

So I drive her to the friend’s place, not my friend but the other guy we were drinking with, and basically gave my reasons that I wasn’t driving her to her car. I don’t know this girl, can’t really reason with her for that fact and the fact that she in drunk. Her hang-up with not just crashing with friends in town is that her sister would be pissed if she didn’t come home. [Hallo, better than dead, yes?] 

Right. So, the end of the story is my friend and I get driven home by the sober girlfriend of my friend’s friend (No, we weren’t my car. This is something I might change in a future situation.) Then sober GF and the friend of drunken girl drive her to her car. She drove home.

I feel I did all I could, but somehow, I still feel pretty shitty. Aside from not partying with people that condone this again, do you think there were any other ways to handle this?


One Response to Itty Bitty is relative.

  1. thebutton says:

    I would have stolen her keys. But sounds like she was pretty determined to drive home no matter how much she consumed. *hugs* Don’t feel guilty, you did what you could. Most drunks aren’t the easiest people to deal with either.

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