Shameless Promotion

So I was wandering around the internet like I usually do and saw that site I have recently started reading (schmutzie’s milk money or not here i come) had a great blogging projection. She had gotten herself some new glasses and thought it would be fun if other bloggers would send her pictures of themselves or inanimate objects with glasses.Naturally I had to jump on that bandwagon and show that wearing glasses does bring sexy back. So I’m told. Not that I’m a true believer yet.

Schmutzie wrote a very flattering paragraph about me, even though I got harangued on my piece on Rachel Ray. Proudly I will fly that flag though. Until she and an army of chefs decide to march into a foreign land on unproven reasons. I have to have some sort of moral grounding.


3 Responses to Shameless Promotion

  1. eatsbugs says:

    Looks like you win. Note that she said human cuteness, and not some other kind, which is intersting to thin[k] on.

  2. E says:

    As a proud glasses owner, I must say that they do bring sexy back. Then again, I can’t really imagine myself without glasses. Or being terribly sexy for that matter. At any rate, I will defend the specs. True dat.

  3. thebutton says:

    I think people with glasses not only look sexy, but they also look more intelligent than others. There’s such a variety of styles to choose from…makes me envious sometimes that I do not have poor vision.

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