Link Love

Another quick post for me to shamelessly give me love, albeit in a very non-hairy palms sort of way. I actually thought after posting about Schmutzie’s very nice link to me, I thought back to the sort of “honorable mentions” I had gotten during NaBloPoMo. I felt bad that I had never quite thanked them for it.


The first link I got was a mention as “Insight Everyone Should Read Award”, especially for the yardsale-ing bit, by probably one of the most interesting blog names I’ve run across, Campaign for Unshaved Snatch. [Yes, it is SFW.] It was my first little kudo from an unknown source for my blog and it made me make uncalled for squealing noises all day. Just ask J.


The second was left as a comment, but it was a response to my Borat rant from the site, Crushing Krisis. So lovely, CK pulled a quote from my writing, indented and everything. Smashing.


And I want to thank you, yes you, for reading me. I thank you double if you have commented. Trite and non-suave, but true: you guys rock my socks off. Who thought that I would get such flattery after just starting this blog up in September? I guess randomly blabbering and mooing plaintively about a bitter ex does well.


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