Alone with my thoughts.

I’ve been taking a couple days off from the interactive portion of the blogosphere. Now I’m back with “What I Have Been Doing – In List Form” the idea for which I stole from D and upped the ante because I have pictures:

1. I had hoped to see some great movies. Instead, in a rapid succession over the course of four days I saw four very horrible, horrible movies.

Children of Men – The least amount of fun you can have with your clothes on, while sitting alone in the theater and wondering why Michael Cain is doing an impression of Brent Spiner from Independence Day. Thank God for the apathetic, yet smoking hot Clive Owen.

Pan’s Labyrinth – The only real magic was that I aged about fifteen years and somehow became a mother because I kept thinking during the movie, ‘Just because you can show the gore, doesn’t mean you should. Heavens to Betsy.’ Oh I hear you now, E, “You poor cinematic ingrate, it’s a war movie! You just don’t understand.” Yeah, well I didn’t sign on for a war movie, I signed up for a modern fairy tale LIKE THE PREVIEW and reviews HINTED TOWARD.

US vs. John Lennon – Okay, it was a wee bit boring, but probably the best. I rather think Yoko Ono is fascinating. Or more fascinating perhaps is the chemistry between Lennon and Ono. That and Lennon was a bit dishy too.

Letters from Iwo Jima – I whispered, “Ten bucks says the horse gets it first,” and as the bombs start to fall, cue a whinny of pain. This movie was rife with clichés, inclusive to a solider pulling out pictures of his sweetheart, and then dying. The best part of the movie was a couple sitting behind me. The woman apparently could not understand the concept of a theater whisper. She goes out to take a walk and comes back to flop into her seat and moans, “This is on for another hoooour. Geeeez.”

2. I am now a volunteer at the local art house theater. I get to work the concessions and I now know how to work a popcorn machine. I’m not sure that’s too valuable of a trait, but neither are my Bachelors degrees.

3. Alright, so I’m nearly a month behind, or a year and a month since this really is a resolution from last year, but I’m going to get on the eternal bandwagon and get my ass to the gym. It also gave me a reason to be crafty. These armbands sell for about thirty bucks from Apple. (Actually they don’t even sell items for the Mini anymore.) With two dollars and patience, I saved myself 28 dollars. That deserves…

4. New shoes! Oh, and alcohol.

5. I have a new job. I’m to make sure that PBS for the greater part of the area can expect proper station breaks by hitting the right button at the right time. Fancy. I’m a modern day George Jetson. Except I don’t have the kids, the wife, the lovable talking dog, or the flying car that turns into a briefcase. Above all, I really feel gypped by not having that dog.

6. I hear class is back in session too.

7. I wrote this blog post exclusively for my rabid fan, D. Or at least that’s what I’m going to say anyhow.

8. Good lord, I get the most comments about TMBG and not anything about Jane Eyre. You amaze me.


10 Responses to Alone with my thoughts.

  1. E says:

    You poor cinematic ingrate. I pity you.

  2. thebutton says:

    Jane Eyre was good, one of the few books that I have read twice.

  3. The Rebuker says:

    Pan’s Labyrinth IS a modern day fairy tale; it’s also a commentary about fantasy’s ability to help us deal with the very real horrors of modern (T.S.Eliot modern, not post 9-11 modern) life. It’s also totally different from the movie suggested by the preview. My favorite part was when the whole audience squirmed while that guy got his leg amputated. Blegh!!

  4. firewings says:

    Re Rebuker: Yes, I do understand this. It was E, I believe, that tried to counter my opinion with how violent original tales such as the Little Mermaid or Cinderella were. Yes, I knew that, too, buuuuut…
    The thing is that I felt there was some sort of need for entertainment that was bleached out by the violence. Sure, establish the Captain’s an ass; do we need to see repetitious examples?
    It’s along the lines of what I was saying the other day at Hastings; how I wish they left some stuff up to the imagination. For you others, I had said that I sometimes missed just the hints of sex in movies instead of full frontal chaos. My favorite “cute” movie is the original Sabrina. In which, Bogart and Hepburn exuded that sort of chemistry that didn’t need them even to kiss once in that film. You just ‘knew.’
    That sense of cinematic theory is (or seems to be in a lot of movies) gone and our casual approach to violence is what scares me.

    …First issues with obscenity in Borat to violence in PL. Yeeech, how old am I. 25? [Heh.]

  5. firewings says:

    And this doesn’t even touch on my fairy tale theories. That should be another post altogether. Or a thesis. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

  6. eatsbugs says:

    Hey, now you’ll have something to do!

  7. The Rebuker says:

    You have a good point: the whole Captain-as-ass was firmly established by the time you got to the gratuitous torture scene. PL is violent and heavy-handed, yes. But “very horrible, horrible”?? C’mon.
    BTY, you have fairy tale theories (plural)? Expound away.

  8. firewings says:

    Yes, horrible, horrible.

    I am bitter when my expectations are that badly denied.

  9. […] what do we learn from this? Naturally this means – if you’ve been paying attention to a common theme in this blog – new […]

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