It’s your birthday and I’ll embarrass you if I want to.

This post is exclusively dedicated to another person, my best friend Sarah. For some reason, she is the only person for which I actually use the whole name on here. As per usual on birthdays, I’m always a day late.

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

I’ve known Sarah a long time by my standards. I met her when I first came to this state. She was in my Spanish class and had to walk me to the counselor’s office for some reason. I remember her shaking my hand in her jovial way, her hand being cold and small in mine. Over time I came to know her better. She’s a punk. She’s a mother. She has enough loyalty to outshine any canine. She’s reckless, yet caring. She’s told me, in a sad voice, how in a beauty contest I would lose against her.

She’s been in a great deal of my better memories. On my 18th birthday, Sarah followed my around the halls of our high school, clinging to me when she yodeled to people none of us knew, “It’s this girl’s birthday and she’s my best friend.”

An excerpt of another random memory:
Another friend of mine, M, was going through her experimental lesbian phase, which developed into a full fledged lesbian lifestyle change, and she wanted see if she could watch the lesbian movies at my house and not at hers. My mom’s pretty liberal, so over a couple of weeks we went through the best that our little conservative plains town had to offer in lesbian fare. Sarah wanted to join us for a reason strictly stated, she just wanted to “hang out” and play Diablo on my computer. So it went, M and I immersed ourselves soft-core lesbian porn and Sarah would kill devils and slurp soda. But invariably, when a low “Wow” would come from M and a lower “Yikes” would come from me, she would sloooowly lean over to see what was happening on screen.

After several breakups, she’s been there to tell me that they are all motherfuckers, that they all do not deserve me, and if she saw them meandering across the road, she would do her best not to drive out of the way. [I believe she would do her damnedest.]

The best thing she’s ever said to me, “Even when you make a wrong decision, I will tell you that you are wrong, but I won’t stand in your way and will support you… even if you’re ah… wrong.” For some people, that sort of friend might not be your cup of tea, but I think would know in my heart what I was missing if I had never met her.

So this is my best friend, and er, yesterday, was her birthday. Happy birthday, old girl!


3 Responses to It’s your birthday and I’ll embarrass you if I want to.

  1. thebutton says:

    That is a great pic of you guys!

  2. Sarah says:

    Speechless simply speechless. THanks Buddy. A round of citra for everyone!!!!

  3. Derek says:

    Aww. She really is great isn’t she?

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