Conferences. Note the ‘s’.

Scroll down the side of my blog? See that button there? Yes, the BlogHer one? I’m going to Chicago at the end of July on my very own to see if I can hang out with some alpha bloggers without curling into a fetal position after admitting, “Yes, I still use a WordPress template.”

I’m terrified. This will be the first piece of live-action travel that I have ever planned by myself.

[Okay. That’s a lie. There was an ill-advised train trip to California that I won’t really talk about because people should have told me that I should have used a damn plane. I will say though that it is a fine place to study some of the lower echelons of the human condition. E.g., You there – 35 year-old man named Jeb, get off the phone with your mother. What can more can you tell her at 1 AM when you’re on a train? Oh wait – I know! Because I can HEAR YOU!]

But this time, it will be in a city where I do not know anyone. No one will pick me up from the airport. I’ll have to figure out how to ride in a cab by myself and while being sober. I’ve reserved my place at the conference and have reservations at the hostel. I do not have a flight yet. Any tips?

My parents are going to flip fifteen different lids once they find out about this. And this secrecy, this timid wash of not feeling like I can be open with them, is horrible. There are circumstances beyond their control that they are dealing with and I feel that I’m being the ungrateful daughter again for planning something that reeks so much of life and of brash living. I also feel like I’m having a hard time becoming an adult when so much of is contingent upon their situation and their wishes. Above all, I’m just feeling guilty for wanting to become an adult, to take actions as such, but feeling annoyed by being hampered by what really isn’t their fault either. I’m a horrible kid.

Also, much less interesting but more resume worthy, is that I got accepted to present at another conference next October. I told D that above all else, I need to buy new shoes for this:

The Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference is pleased to inform you that your proposed presentation, The Ethos of Blogging: Strategies for Sustaining Readers, has been accepted for inclusion in the 2007 program for, Sustainability, at Arizona State University, Tempe, October 25-27.

Oh snap! [But really. Doesn’t that sound “new shoes” worthy? I think so.]

Meaning that I, um, have to become an authority on blogging super quick. So if my parents ask, I can tell them Chicago is research.


13 Responses to Conferences. Note the ‘s’.

  1. E says:

    As for transportation, you can either take a cab, or stealthily ride a shuttle to a hotel, if one that provides such service to the airport is near your hostel. It isn’t like they really check. Just hang out in the lobby for a bit.

    As for a flight, I’m not entirely sure how to find one on the extreme cheap. I’m not that good a traveler yet.

  2. Wil look forward to meeting you there!

    I’d suggest you checkout the conference forums…there’s a forum for ride-sharing, which can be used to find out if anyone is arriving at the airport the same time as you and might want to share a cab into town.

    There’s also someone else staying at the hostel who was looking for folks who might want to share cab-rides to the conference center.

    Hope this helps.

  3. E says:

    That’s way better than my idea.

  4. firewings says:

    Eeii celebrity comment! Hurray!

    But yes, I’m poking around the forums and sending emails out to various people. Should be a fun adventure nonetheless. Overall, I’m super stoked!

  5. J says:

    For you, the kitten not falling off of a ledge in the house is a good enough reason to go shoe shopping.

  6. Derek says:

    I’m a groupie!

  7. K says:

    Hey, Jamiah lives out in chicago! My buddy lives in chicago but I don’t know my way around that well o_0.

    I have jamiahs number if you want it.

  8. K says:

    Oh, and another thing … don’t watch the movie hostel before you go o_0

  9. Thebutton says:

    I remember taking a cab from the Philli Airport to downtown Philli. It’s best to plot out the route you want to take and tell them. Otherwise they love pulling the wool over your eyes and take you on a “scenic” route which will empty your pockets/wallet real quick. And talk like you know where you’re going.

    As far as the parent thing goes, I feel ya. My mom has wagged her finger at me more times since I left her house than when I was living inside of it. Most things I do she could find a better alternative. I say don’t worry, don’t lie, live your life. You are an adult, you know how to take care of yourself. You ARE independant!

  10. For a flight, try (for last minute deals) or orbitz. com or (expedia finally got competitive). A lot of airlines are now trying to get competitive with the discount sites, so always look at those — the airline might be the same price or cheaper than the travel shops.

    Oh yeah, since we talked about this earlier tonight, my old blog (but the intelligent one) is and my less intelligent (but sometimes amusing one) is Oh yeah, and the really great blog that you should read is If nothing else, she is incredibly amusing. Her sister, one of my best friends, is, but she doesn’t blog as much as her sister, but it’s still great reading when she does.



  11. The Rebuker says:

    Blog celebrity! I’m impressed. Also, I feel ya on the whole parents not wanting to relinquish control over your life. My grandparents let go okay (I guess when you’re 70 you’re ready for an empty nest) but my dad, oy!, he couldn’t deal with the whole having a baby/getting married thing. Too ‘establishment’ for him, damn hippie!

  12. Sarah says:

    You should check out the theater it is nice there. Also have you ever seen Ghost in the Darkness. You know with Val Kilmer and I think the other guy is Micheal Douglas (don’t quote me) But the two lions they are up against in that movie supposedly are on display in the Chicago museum if you get a chance and there are a couple of places I can recommend to eat but they are way outside the city.

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