Declaration of Independence

I have had it. I refuse to eat out anymore. I refuse to buy food that is usually more unhealthy than what I can concoct in my gold-speckled and teal kitchen. I refuse to buy food that You Wonder About that I know I could have bought at Wal-Mart. (Here’s looking at you Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant and your suspiciously cheap-tasting noodles.)

It starts today, May 8, 2007. One month of No Eating Out. Subtitled: The money I will save…the knowledge I will gain.

Even in my darkest hours (so…basically the prime snacking hours) I shall not falter! I will not believe that the microwave is the only way to prepare a meal! I will understand that there are more spices in this world than garlic powder and chicken bouillon cubes! I will not haplessly pound the oven in an effort for it to make me some damn non-soggy fries already!!

[That’s right. Garlic powder. A favorite close second? Seasoned salt baby.]

I’ve calculated that I spend an ungodly amount of money eating out. Okay, so I haven’t actually counted per se, but I refuse to be blind to the money that I’m plopping down. It’s my frugality that’s catching up to me.

I believe I have attempted this before. Somewhere, I think this might have been a New Year’s Resolution of some sort. I’m unhappy with my unfettered snacking the last couple of nights and I’m going to bust my butt to stop it.

[Oh? My exercising you ask? That’s going, um, fine. That three month stretching thing? Oh, well, there was that gastrointestinal thing…and then there was school. And now there are finals…and blogs to write…Oh damn you all, I will get back on the braying horse soon enough.]

[Randomly, speaking of which, another goal for summer? I’m going to figure out where I can learn to ride a horse. I’m going to knock that Life To Do List item right out of the ballpark. This is cowboy country for Pete’s sake.]

So yes, goodbye late night Weinerschnitzel, goodbye Texas Roadhouse and your well-done margaritas, goodbye random Mexican places I experiment with in order find a good set of flautas. I’ve had enough of your eeeevil kind!


Thank goodness I have leftovers in the fridge.


12 Responses to Declaration of Independence

  1. E says:

    You know, I want to do more of that myself, but I have a problem of portion sizing. Since it’s just me, I find it inconvenient to sometimes make a meal that leaves me with a ton of dishes and a lot of leftovers that can go bad or cause me to eat the same thing for days. Beyond that is the idea of buying ingredients that I’ll never finish before they expire. Maybe I’m just a bad cook…

  2. K says:

    Your a blogging machine now!

  3. firewings says:

    No, I’m just on a procrastination roll!

  4. firewings says:

    E: There is thing called a freezer… As in you can make a lot of something and freeze it in.

    You also have a dishwasher, you heathen; I want no complaints from you!

    But really, you should do this with me. It’s could be healthy start and give you some extra cash to boot.

  5. Thebutton says:

    If you want recipes, I’m the lady to go to. I have hordes of them! One entire cabinet in my kitchen has nothing but recipes. That’s right, three shelves of food goodness! Investing in a crock pot would be handy too that way if you’re working or going to school, food can cook while you’re away and you won’t have to burn more energy when you get home to cook. Pot roast with taters and carrots is a -must- in the crock pot. Oooh damn it, here comes another craving.

  6. eatsbugs says:

    I want to join you. However, my roommate eats nothing. nothing, but out. I will do my best, and be your comrade.

  7. Fools, the lot of you.

    Think of the implications. If no one ate out anymore, businesses would close, people would be out of work. They would be forced from there homes into an unforgiving winter where food is scarce. Soon they’ll turn to the most plentiful meat around, other homeless people.

    That’s right. You’re asinine ideas and plans will lead us to cannibalism.

    So, for love of your fellow man, go to McDonalds. Humanity depends on it.

  8. firewings says:

    I call for mandatory goat farming for all naysayers to my plans.

    [Someone else get him for the You’re because God knows I’m in a glass house.]

  9. Damn. Despite my lapse into retardation, I think my point stays valid.

    In fact, no. I MEANT you are. What do you think of that?

  10. firewings says:

    I’m “asinine ideas”? I’m plural?

    So…that’s my problem!

  11. Probably from all that eating out.

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