How do you say “Bird of Prey”?

It’s been several years that I have been looking into taking a Chinese class. During the undergraduate years it was always blocked due to some class requirement or another. Finally, next semester I will be able to take the Monday through Thursday class. *punches air with fist*

I had been looking to get a head start and found several programs, both for the computer and audio/book versions, which would let me practice at my own pace during the summer.

Last night I bought a microphone to make use of a function in a specific program which would gauge my ability to form the tonal sounds. It would measure my pitch, my form, and my emphasis in a given phrase. It was interesting to see that there was this continuation/merging of sounds between words, creating a contstan burr that neither English nor German can recreate. (Even if the running joke is that German has an ungodly connection of consonants, that’s not something I can really judge as a bad thing.) One of the books did note that the German “ch” sound, as in “Ich”, is used in Chinese as well. Score one for the team, because I need what I can get.

Both J and I were highly amused with my program and our lack of success. He actually had a better time of it with his background in vocal training. I, unfortunately, had a harder time.

“Yee kann nii harrrrg.”

The pin in the gauge on the screen, which moved to red, yellow, to green zone depending on your accuracy, hardly quivered.

“Yeekannnuerrharrg – ” I burst out laughing and the program recorded the addition of my laughter which killed my attempt.

“Okay, let me try the cat one…” I clicked to it.

“Yeer kann Maaoo.” Yellow zone!

“YeekannrMAAOO.” Green zone, baby!

I burst out laughing and said to J, “I sound like a damn Klingon.” He laughed and I continued, “Okay, I amend that. I sound like a flaming homosexual Klingon.*”

I’m in trouble.

*Not that there is anything wrong with being a homosexual Klingon. Even though I probably would catch hell in Klingon society and lose some major honor brownies points. Wait, am I theoretically inserting myself in a fictional alien society? I really am in trouble.


3 Responses to How do you say “Bird of Prey”?

  1. E says:

    I for one welcome our new Flaming Klingon Overlords… or something. Maybe you could use that gimmick in cosplay. Or maybe you could stab your eye out with a fork. The effect might be similar.

  2. I used Rosetta Stone when I learned Swedish, and some other thing when I did Icelandic, but Rosetta Stone was a very nice affair.

  3. eatsbugs says:

    I wonder what Klingon drag looks like.

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