How hard the trees must work

I started riding my bike to work again the last couple of weeks. Things have changed since a couple years back when I attempted the same idea. Back then, I arrived at the Archives (me, with the steady and boring life), out of breath and heart nearly bursting from my chest. As I wobbled to my desk, face ashen, I remarked how everything seemed darker…yet, lighter.

My boss, as if popped out of her chair by springs, jumped up to loom over me and demanded my intake of water or juice. After my typical stubborn refusal, she went downstairs to purchase some juice for me anyhow, lest her student worker slumped over, unconscious, onto her keyboard.

Later that day I sheepishly asked if we could stuff my bicycle into her cute [Read: Small] VW and if she could give me a ride home.

Things now aren’t so dire.

It was on the second day of biking that I thought to take pictures and did so this morning. As I huffed along, I tried to immerse myself in the graditude of getting healthy, but kept muttering to myself about how the carbon dioxide I was inhaling was probably negating any real health benefits. It was then I looked up and had a thought of, “How hard these trees work, here on the side of the street with the cars passing – how hard they work to just breathe.”

It made me feel like I was able to emulate them just a little bit. I then felt the graditude.

Specifically, these trees:

And for something completely different, the other side of the street:

What the hell, come ride with me! This picture is for my Mom so she doesn’t get stuck worried about me riding in traffic. The street always looks like this. Really:

There are also some kooky…:

…and interesting things to look at:

Anyone else catch the humor?

On the other side, Narnia – well, more so the Archives actually:


11 Responses to How hard the trees must work

  1. E says:

    My drive to work is such an urban nightmare. I’m envious.

  2. firewings says:

    J just read this and asked me where those trees are.

  3. E says:

    Then you’re a liar? I feel ill.

  4. firewings says:

    Not a liar! It’s just that he doesn’t pay attention to the street when he drives, but when you’re riding along it, you see a lot more.

  5. E says:

    Ah, I see. Maybe I should take a ride/walk around here with a camera and see what I’m missing…

  6. eatsbugs says:

    I still need to get a bike.

    However, I’ve started walking. I do arrive at work in a bit of a red-face state, but that’s because my legs have always pumped faster than the rest of my body can handle.

  7. K says:

    Well there is nothing better than the breeze in your face, the near misses of pedestrians, foxes, coyotes, rabbits, snakes, deer, cars and whatever else may lie between you and the open road.

    Good Times.

  8. eatsbugs says:

    Oh…do you wear a helmet, cause I hear that’s useful.

  9. firewings says:

    Yup. One of my coworkers noted that used to be the sign of an overprotective mother…Yes, that’s actually a pretty close observation. The positive brainwashing worked.

  10. Thebutton says:

    I love the kitty walking up to Dove Hall. Priceless. 🙂

  11. Frank says:

    Hooray for bikes!! Be safe out there!

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