Web Comics? Why yes.

Okay I’m being a bit lazy. Actually, I’ve been wanting to post this first one for a while and doing so today gives me time to type my other post for today (Two, TWO posts – AH AH AH).

From Dresden Codak, “Rule 110”:
So this sums up perfectly how I interact with men, in my mind and in reality, even including the airship. This girl even has my hair.

From Russell’s Teapot:
This one is for the more heathen and people less likely to be offended in my audience (not always one and the the same) but you know what, even if it offends you, it’s still damn funny.


3 Responses to Web Comics? Why yes.

  1. Awesome. I enjoy me some DC. This is the one that got me liking it. http://dresdencodak.com/cartoons/dc_031.htm

  2. firewings says:

    Heh – “weakness: Radiocarbon Dating”; nice.

  3. Sockpuppet says:

    loved the jesus one
    if you like that kind of humor you might like


    would love to hear what you think about it..

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