I’ve done gone fishin’.


As you read this, I’ll be out arguing with an inanimate object, namely my fishing rod. I’ve decided to take this July 4th to go to the mountains, steal my Dad’s portable fishing rod, buy some icky bait and go fishing.

I have me mah license and everythin’. It’s terribly exciting.

“I have a license to fish! Dude! …But that’s not terribly ‘Bond’ is it?”
“Well…it sorta is a license to kill.”
“Oh, huh…Yeah! Heck yeah!”


7 Responses to I’ve done gone fishin’.

  1. E says:

    Oh, the little red balls of strange substance. I remember those when I used to go fishing a long time ago.

    Do you ever wonder wonder what some of that fish bait tastes like?

    Uh, me neither…

  2. It tastes disgusting.

    …I was a curious child.

  3. K says:

    haha that’s awesome, that’s exactly the same pole I have. The state parks around here let you “walk” into the parks for free, so if you can stow a pole in your bag, your golden!


  4. eatsbugs says:

    Hope you caught something. Where are the pictures?

  5. Thebutton says:

    I miss fishing. My first pole was one I made out of a stick and some fishing line. Somehow I caught a bass with that. I had a ball of bread tied to the end of it.

  6. Hope you had a blast!!

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