Friday’s Feast

There was no Friday’s Feast officially per se, but someone put some questions up in the comments and I had to be a follower. Tomorrow: Fishing pictures!

Appetizer – What was the first job you ever had?

I did technical support for my high school in the high hopes that I could get to work with my crush. It, both the crush and the job, went smashingly. Well, until they hired a perky female overlord who my favorite teacher in High School named Ms. Bubbles.

Soup – (Taken from Bravo’s Inside the Actor’s Studio) – Name a profession you have always wanted to try.

Given that the idea of figuring out what profession I’m going to fall into, I mean, make my career path, is currently my profession…let’s see… I’ll go with something that I would have wanted to do but sadly, my body is not cut out for it – I would have been an Air Force pilot.

Or a jockey. Hmm. What does that say about me?

Salad (also from the Actor’s Studio) – Name a profession you would NEVER want to try.

Chef. That would be bad news. Fun, no doubt, but not lucrative with the kind of insurance I would need.

Entree – (also from the Actor’s Studio) – What is your favorite sound in the world?

Okay. *leans forward and whispers to you* Don’t repeat this, but baby laughter.

Dessert – (and from the Actor’s Studio) – If there is a Heaven, what would you like to hear from God when you arrive?

I would like to hear a female voice say, “See, that wasn’t so bad. Have a brownie! Oh, and the cake here? Awesome. And by awesome, not so much on the Wrath of God part, but ‘This’ll go straight to my hips’. Wait… We’re incorporeal, so I guess that doesn’t apply…hmm. Awesome!” [She’d be highly talkative in my imagination.]


14 Responses to Friday’s Feast

  1. Thebutton says:

    Ms. Bubbles? I’m not even going to try to guess who that was.

    I really enjoyed your dessert, and now I want a bite of that delish brownie…

  2. eatsbugs says:


    Also, regarding careers: you like to ride things?

  3. Stacey says:

    Being an Air Force Pilot sounds fun, exciting, exhilerating. 🙂 **Whispers back, Baby laughter is awesome to listen to. I try to make my baby laugh too. :-)**

    Thanks for the feast.

  4. Melody says:

    Great feast! I like your entree.

    Happy Friday!

  5. Gattina says:

    A jockey or air force pilote ? that’s not exactly the same, lol !
    The volonteer is Michael, Lover of Amy !
    I played too

  6. maiylah says:

    we’ve got the same entree … *whispering*
    lol… 😀
    happy friday!

  7. Thanks for playing, and using my questions. As for the Air Force and the jockey, obviously you’re a person who likes to ride things that go fast!

    Bit of trivia, did you know the Navy has more aircraft than the any other branch of the U.S. Armed Forces? Awesome though, Wednesday as I was waiting to start running the Peachtree Road Race they sang the Star Spangled Banner and had a flyover by 2 A-10 Warthogs (tank-busters) they turn awesomely at very low altitudes.

  8. chaucer says:

    awwww… everybody love babie laughter.. i wish i’m still a baby..

  9. shirlsd says:

    nice feast, esp. your dessert and “she…”(!). have a great weekend.

  10. Antoinette says:

    LOVE your brownie dessert!
    Aww baby laughter, no worries I won’t tell anyone 😉

  11. The Rebuker says:

    Hunh. Baby laughter. Never would have figured. I’ve always been partial to the sound of fabric ripping and that weird heavy silence when it snows.

    And I really like this God(dess) of yours. Chatty and amply supplied with baked goods. Lookin’ for converts?

  12. Josh says:

    Ah yet another poor soul denied by the Air Force…

    They wouldnt let me in either….

    Gods damn you Chair Force!

    Their justification?

    Air Force: “Well, you dont have a spleen, so you’re ineligible.”
    Me: “A spleen releases a few extra white blood cells when you are infected by bacteria, and in this day in age does next to nothing. Why wont you let me in?”
    Air Force: “Well you would be susceptible to biological warfare.”
    Me: A) I am in Astrophysics, so the only job you would have me doing is being a missileer (sp?), which requires me to design missiles and spacecraft during peacetime, and sit in a hardened bunker during Wartime. When would I be exposed to biological warfare?”
    B) Biological warfare being what it is today, if you’re exposed, period, you’re dead. So would a spleen increase my effectiveness?
    Air Force: “Well, no.. But regulations state that all recruits must be in perfect physical condition.”

  13. Josh says:

    While I have entirely no intention of starting a blog… (I have 2 out there that I started, got bored with, and abandonned, bonus points if you can find em!) I might as well do one of these friday feast thingies.

    Appetizer – What was the first job you ever had?
    Soccer Referee for AYSO!!! Woot! Second most fun job I’ve ever had…. Get paid $10 / hour to run around in the sun, telling parents to lay off their kids!

    Soup – Name a profession you have always wanted to try.

    Airline courier. Seriously. These guys get free flights to virtually anywhere in the world, the only cost being they have to give their two checked baggage slots to a courier service. I could SO do that, given that I usually only travel with a laptop case and garmet bag anyway… Moscow here I come!

    Salad – Name a profession you would NEVER want to try.


    Entree – What is your favorite sound in the world?

    The double sonic boom of a spacecraft re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

    Seriously, first time I heard it was at the maiden flight of Space Ship One… will remember that moment the rest of my life.

    Dessert – If there is a Heaven, what would you like to hear from God when you arrive?

    Bout time you got here… the lighting board is on the fritz.

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