A tenet of procrastination is distraction. This summer has been chalk full of items that would overwhelm and befuddle the common grad student. With attempts to read classic literature such as Atlas Shrugged (Great book!) and On the Road (What, I can’t seem to get into this book? No – impossible.), I also have a stack of programs and literature on the learning on Chinese, and a headlong engagement to ride actual, Honest-To-God horses. (Are there any other?)

Sure, I have a conference in less than three months that I have not prepared for at all – does that bother me at all? No… Why? Distraction.

Highlighting the forays of my social experimentation is that three weeks ago I joined a online dating site. I suppose that I did use Myspace in a way to poke around the world of “online” dating. It wasn’t really an online thing since the guy I did manage to wrangle up was from my classes.

Confounded as I am with all the monkeys with typewriters and the scary tidalwave-like amount of them, there have been some pleasant surprises. The most amusing happening on this dating site is that I have run across J’s clone. As I received the first message, I swatted J, “Sweet mother of pearl, it’s you, but…no, wait… Yes, it is you.” We both simultaneously bent down peered closer at the screen, murmuring that it must be the hair, the angle, a coincidence and nothing more.

J’s clone and I managed to set up an actual meeting a morning when naturally I was at my most unflattering. I had left without showering and thrown on my worst clothes so that I could go gallivanting with horses. (As luck would have it, I then proceeded to have my very first library meeting with a Collections Development bigwig. *sigh* That is another story though.)

“Big orange shirt, messy hair. Can’t miss me,” I texted him before our lunch meeting. He texted back, “Black shirt and black pants.” I had to laugh.

A couple days later, after he found and added me on Facebook, I called J into my room to show him this guy’s picture. As one especially particularly photo striking loaded, J briefly closed his eyes before letting his body shake with laughter. He straightened above my desk and reflected, before he padded out back to his Playstation, “So, in another dimension I’m a rocket scientist. Good to know.”


5 Responses to Distraction

  1. Josh says:

    Glad I could at least provide amusement.

  2. Thebutton says:

    Well, I wish ya luck with this one.

  3. Mom says:

    My dear girl, we need to talk!

  4. eatsbugs says:

    *dies laughing* Hi, mom!

  5. firewings says:

    She worries you know. *shakes head*

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