A recent IM conversation, littered with entirely too many lol’s:

Me: Man, I could use a drink.
E: Here.
Me: Hmm?
E: *A Drink*
Me: Mystical and unnamed.
Me: Like taking candy from a stranger methinks.
E: Bah. You know me. I’m offended.
Me: Lol.
Me: I’m just saying.
Me: *quickly takes Drink*
Me: *adds one mana point*
E: Lol!
E: You know, life would be weirder if it was an RPG.
Me: So much cooler.
Me: God, the awesome hair I would have.
E: “I can’t see what’s coming up to kill me!”
Me: You just wander into people’s house and take their gold.
Me: And there are no toilets.
Me: Lol.
E:  “Why hasn’t anybody ever seen or opened this random chest of gold? Kickass?”
Me: Kickass!
Me: *takes gold*
Me: Your character is now too heavy.
Me: *puts down gold*
Me: Damn.
Me: Lol.
Me: I’m highly amused.
E: “Can you flavor my mana potion this time? I’m sick of blue.”
Me: “Mana margarita!”
Me: “A round on me!”
E: Sweet Jebus.
Me: “I need to get rid of some gold.”
Me: Lol.
E: Indeed.
E: “The big dude in this party smells really bad.”
Me: “But he takes a lot of hit points.”
Me: “We have to keep him.”
E: “Shit, my hit points are crappy.”
Me: “Here, have a magic feather for that.”
E: “I suddenly feel a wave of…. EXPERIENCE!”
Me: Dude, we ARE dorks.


3 Responses to Dorks

  1. Geosomin says:

    Suddenly I feel more normal 🙂

  2. Thebutton says:

    Hehe! We geeks shall take over the world. You know what’s sad though? When you mentioned that you were carrying too much I was thinking of the Oblivion cheat. ~TGM~ The God Mode…bad me!

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