Contemplative Wednesday

Put him on a city street,
He will scuff his anxious feet,
Shiver with the alien cold,
Look bewildered, helpless, old.

Put him on the gaunt hillside
Where his fathers worked and died,
He will straighten like a tree
Grow erect and proud and free.

Leave him blindfolded, let him roam.
Every path will lead him home.

– Author Unknown


5 Responses to Contemplative Wednesday

  1. firewings says:

    I keep forgetting about my time-stamped Contemplative Wednesdays…slightly counterproductive isn’t it?

  2. E says:

    Okay, so why is this author unknown? What is the source for this?

  3. firewings says:

    I read this a long time ago and I truly did try to find it (if anyone else does, please let me know) but I couldn’t.

    When I started scrambling for CWs I thought I’d start putting up semi-relevant things that I had laying around in my computer. This week – a cryptic, anon poem. Crazy. You’ll never know what you’ll find here.
    And gauging from my forgetful puzzlement at it, I guess I don’t know either what I’ll find here sometimes.

  4. E says:

    So the author is unknown due possibly to your lack of documentation, and the source is somewhere in the vicinity of your computer.

    I hereby postulate that your desk wrote it as an ode to a life never lived as an immobile, non-sentient object. I have no way to prove or disprove this.

  5. firewings says:

    I wouldn’t put it past my computer to do that. I do believe the truth is out there.

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