Blogher, Recap, Post 2, Chicago

Night, Hi-Chicago 10:42 Central Time

When I left you, I was watching The Hustler and I only got about five minutes into it before we started to land. It’s been cloudy in Chicago, but the torrential rainfall that delayed us and canceled other flights around the country were not in sight.

It is not a dry heat here.

As a came out of the jetway, I got hit with how itty bitty the airports I normally have dealings with really are. Here, throngs of people, and me, mixing it up with them.

I found the subway with relative ease, and noticed something very quickly – Germans are everywhere. I found them on the subway, in the hostel, on the street. It’s an invasion and they are confused and quick to get irritated, yet bound and determined to see the world. This amuses me because I can understand them muttering about the inadequacies of our systems. “Ick versteh’ nit wie das hier geht. Irgandwie blöd das ganze System. Was machen wir jetzt?”

I had a zillion stops to get downtown, taking about forty-five minutes. I got out, climbed the stairs above ground and walked smack into a Gothom-esque city. First thing I saw was the Chicago library which had these massive, massive gargoyles perched. And here you’ll be, ‘Oh you, they can’t be that big’. Huge. Mammoth. I was in awe walking to the hostel that I forgot about the whole “I have a camera bit”. I will get a picture of that before I leave.

I dropped my bag off at the hostel, grabbed the necessities, and ran to get some authentic pizza with the coaching of E.

I got lost.

I got confused, ran into streets that weren’t on my map…but I had to use the shitty map to find the pizza place that was recommended to me at the hostel. I started mumbling like a regular crazy person after I started seeing the same street corners, just from different sides of the street. E texted me, reminding me to look out for Sears Tower, but when you’re in a maze of very large buildings, and um, don’t exactly know what Sears Tower looks like…Yeah, I know…it doesn’t particularly help.

After a good 45 minute walk, I happened to find landmarks that were on my map, and stumbled across the right place to eat, Giordano’s. And E’s honor, this is the proof that I did indeed make it and didn’t just wander into a McDonald’s, here is a picture of E’s tribute slice of pizza.


And now I’m very, very tired so I’m going to use the “Pictures are worth a thousand words” excuse.

The view from my hostel room:


I did make it to Sears Tower and do know what it looks like now:


Some shots from the observatory:


Here’s where the conference is going to be held at, on the Navy Pier which is jutting out into the water; also from the observatory:


I decided to spare myself a walk and took a cab to the museum of art. Best decision of the day:


And lastly, in front of the museum:



7 Responses to Blogher, Recap, Post 2, Chicago

  1. E says:

    So you’re going to write me up a guide for when I go there, right?

  2. Josh says:

    Nice picts Cassie! Hope you’re having a blast!

  3. K says:

    did you ever get in touch with jumanji?

    Awesome photos, keep ’em coming.

  4. eatsbugs says:

    Sounds like I might be going there next year!

  5. Mom says:

    Ganz tolle Bilder mein Schatz. Have a wonderful time. I am very happy for you. Love, Mom

  6. chickdrummer says:

    Great pics — I live here and don’t ever the see good views. Glad to have you met you at the conference.

    Woke up this morning with some viral thing. The hub-ster brought it home with him from some germy students at school, so we’re nursing sore throats. But I’m happy I was well for the conference and it was great having you at the show last night!

  7. Thebutton says:

    Oh I love the pics. *pets the big kitty* Maybe one of these days we’ll get stationed close to Chicago and I can see it. I’ve always wanted to go.

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