Blogher, Intermission

I know, I know, “live-blogging” I said; but this is the part where all of you mill around in the front, gets some alcoholic drinks, and come back for some plane blogging tomorrow. Here’s another thousand words to tide you over:



3 Responses to Blogher, Intermission

  1. krista says:

    OOh wish I had been there with you.

  2. Joshua says:

    So… Guess what happened today? The PoF false-dieties decided my profile pict was either obscene or not a headshot…

    While I’m not the most handsom of blokes, I would rather like to believe my face isnt exactly obscene.

    Anyway, got a good laugh out of it. Aparently they auto delete photos if they are reported as not being headshots, without bothering to check themselves these days.

    Hope you’re having fun boozing up in Chicago!

  3. Thebutton says:

    Once again, great photo!

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