What I am not

I’m sitting here contemplating cleaning my room. Sadly, it’s just the contemplating part and not the actualizing part, which I hear in self-help circles is the way to go.

Still haven’t unpacked. Dirty clothes flung in one pile. Clean ones are still in the basket. Shoes are everywhere. Papers have migrated from desk to floor to bookcases. My keys have a bowl they sit in; they’re laying next to my computer. I have a spot for my phone – it’s on top of my wallet. Somewhere.

Cables for every tech gadget I own are creating their own slithering patchwork of horror on my desk.

I get in a tizzy when my room gets like this. It’s fun for about a day or so. Oh, I think, I can be the hip girl that is just too damn cool to organize her room. She just swirls in and out of her room, like the wind, retrieving things at random and look at ease with the Zen of it all. She reeks of a patchouli and all the skirts that she owns are in pools of graceful piles all over the floor right on top of her skinny jean and vinyl Dylan albums. Her make-up is a gross experiment on the window sill, but she still looks amazingly well done even if her gaze is far away and detached.

With the same reality in where I cannot pull off the bed-head look, this figment of a girl is unobtainable to me and it’s probably better that way.


6 Responses to What I am not

  1. E says:

    Do you have a useful tip for the spaghetti farm of gadget wires? I get that a lot.

    I think that Dylan albums are a good touch. I think I’m in love. Oh, unobtainable? Never mind.

  2. firewings says:

    Yeah, not letting it happen in the first place.

    Well, I’m sure she’s out there. But if my hopes and dream are true she’ll just turn into a cat lady who is crushed by a pile of junk mail she’s been collecting for twenty odd years. Did you know that cats would be faster to eat a dead body then a dog?

    That’s my cheery comment for today.

  3. Thebutton says:

    That tends to happen right after I go nuts cleaning and organizing…house turns upside down and then I let it sit there until I get irritated enough to go all Martha Stewart on my house again.

  4. chickdrummer says:

    we must have been on the same vibe today. I had an inert day today, but managed to find an up side — a show about Eddie Murphy’s “Delirious” cracked me up enough to go out and do something: get an Eddie Murphy DVD. “You ain’t got no ice cream…”

  5. Sarah says:

    Hey you Know me! The Queen of unclean! Good thing your not thinking of kids soon. the Mess gets bigger. But you’ll Find your not the one making 90% of it! 🙂

  6. Erin says:

    I agree with Sarah children are chaos in flesh.

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