Contemplative Wednesday

I tell you this because you also may not fully comprehend the importance of condolence cards, Mass cards, e-mail notes, phone calls, even green bean casseroles with the fried onions sprinkled on top. The fabric of civilized society is gossamer thin, and its warp and woof are comprised of threads such as these woven into our hearts in times of grief. Mother Teresa was right when she said that God did not put us here to do great things. God put us here to do little things with great love.

I have heard that when an elephant dies the whole herd comes to the body and touches it with their trunks. They then touch each other before moving on. I think they do this because they cannot write, but we can, and we must touch each other before moving on into the jungle.

-Marc Gellman, What I Learned from My Dad’s Death

Editor’s Note: This is a great big thank you and virtual, yet squished boobie hug from little ol’ me at IP for every comment, e-mail and text of condolence that I have received.


6 Responses to Contemplative Wednesday

  1. K says:

    Hey Dear, I’ve never really been good at death. Heck, I spent 3 years in a death filled tomb so if this is out of line then assume that it was out of character. But I’m a fan of scrubs and found this youtube video.

    It’s pretty good.

  2. K says:

    actually sorry, it was this one:

  3. K says:

    errr, maybe it was a diffrent one … ok, just watch ’em

  4. eatsbugs says:

    I like this article very much.

  5. Kallie_Pigeon says:

    Just let me know if you need to hug a horse.

  6. Thebutton says:

    *hugs* That’s what we’re here for hun. I’ve been there and it was surprising to see how many people really cared. People that I thought could care less stepped up and showed support. It kinda wakes ya up a bit.

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