Ten Things in the Void

1. I’m stealing this from D, so even though it’s Wednesday and I should be doing Contemplative Wednesday, I’m doing Ten Things Tuesday. I’m lame…and I’m even more lame to be considering myself lame for this.

2. Man, that coconut cookie did not settle well with the ranch and the carrots. Who would have thought?

3. Gods, I need to get on writing up that aura reading I did with Pearl. I got her business cards and a nice personal follow-up note today too. This has been nearly three weeks ago, officially making me a horrible person.

4. I could care less about critical culture studies at the moment, although I’m eying my book Critical Cyberculture Studies favorably.

5. I should be vegan.

6. No, I shouldn’t.

7. I should be calling up The Barn to go horse riding again, but it always slips my mind and I think that I’m being impolite by not calling and then I think that I haven’t gotten a call from them makes me all worried that I did something wrong… and the vicious cycle of self-incrimination continues.

8. I will prevail on asking this guy out. I think. On the last day of class; seems smart. He shouldn’t be in my other classes next semester.

9. I just need to have D, when he comes to visit this week, intravenously feed me two three margaritas and serendipitously the former referenced person will appear and with my alcohol fueled bravado, plus threats of bodily harm and/or embarrassing retribution, everything work out famously. Or I’ll crash and burn. I believe more in that. But that’s not how The Secret works, right?

10. Fuck The Secret.


2 Responses to Ten Things in the Void

  1. eatsbugs says:

    1. Exponentially lame.

    10. Agoddamnmen.

  2. K says:

    From wiki page … “Teachers of the Law of Attraction”, rofl, and they are probably all single giving advice on how to find that special someone.

    Fuck the Secret.

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