Ten Things Tuesday – On Tuesday this time.

1. Yesterday the phrase “essentially the Will to the Truth relates to the Will to the Penis” was used in class. Again, I wonder what I’m doing here and remember why I stopped reading feminist theory when I was fifteen. When I’m confronted with people who tell me that sex is oppression, and I have been before, I tell them at least it’s much cheaper than going to a movie.

2. I make a terrible feminist.

3. I can already see how the cycle of procrastination will give an added boost to my blog in the coming weeks. Read thirty pages of rhetorical drivel or 400 words describing verbose, introspective navel gazing? My cute bellybutton is going to win every time.

4. Cat + Laser Pointer = Comedic Happenings of Epic Proportions

5. I’ve been thinking about the authenticity of blogging, that, in order to produce authentic results you should be only counting an audience of one – yourself. This came up in a session in the conference in July. They asked a follow-up to why exactly do you put your thoughts in the ether in the first place if you don’t want an audience. One member stood up and started the wave of announcing she was proud she was a small blogger. She just didn’t like the idea of an overflow, “I don’t want people stampeding around. I have breakable things in there.”

6. You know, I dig this format. I think in snippets. The harmony of brain and writing. As Ms. Stewart would say, “It’s a Good Thing.”

7. J and I were talking about the idea of “getting someone’s number” and why this social practice is done and how exactly it is done. I munched on my flauta, “So you say, ‘You there, I have need for your number because I do not have it’ and it is produced?” He looked over to me, “From what I’ve gathered from being told this is that this is the ‘Next Step of Interest’.” We paused, then laughed.

8. One of the best things about grad school is watching a current of dislike of one person’s opinion via another. Bodies stiffen, laughter is stifled, intellectually veiled yet snarky comments are tossed – this is much fun.

9. This Brothers Martin song is awesome. Sadly, it is two minutes long.

10. Of course I have it on repeat, silly.


8 Responses to Ten Things Tuesday – On Tuesday this time.

  1. Zoot says:

    I think in snippets too! And also – cat + tape on back = just as funny but possibly more evil.

  2. Sarah says:

    THere is a certain member of my family who enjoys chasing laser pointers around it’s cute but degrading. Needless to say we get a good laugh but feel guilty about it later. Who sings the brothers Martin song?

  3. E says:

    That song is pretty good, but I’m still uncertain about getting the whole album.

  4. firewings says:

    Ha, don’t tell me it’s Nathan. That’s horrible, Sarah.

    [Because I will _so_ do that in Decemeber!)

  5. Yesterday I saw a student wearing a t-shirt that said:

    I lost my number. Can I have yours?

  6. Kallie_Pigeon says:

    Re: #8. C’mon. That chick’s crazy, and we all know it.

  7. Kallie_Pigeon says:

    Forgot to add: It’s never to late to learn the zombie dance sequence from “Thriller,” right? Because all this grad school is making me want to learn something worthwhile.

  8. firewings says:

    Re: Crazy lady – she gives Pagans a bad name.

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