Say yes.

I could be kicking the ground in slight dismay, but you know, I won’t. But I had an interesting thought experiment today. This blog posted an article about how the writer, as an introvert, tried to revert this clause in his genetic makeup by taking the chance to say, “Yes”, for a change.

Now when I say yes, I don’t mean the “Yes, I will do your laundry” or “Yes, I would love to pick up the dog doo for you” I mean the yes that accompanies opportunities, chances, and experiences that you might not feel comfortable taking on a day to day basis. Basically, you open yourself up to paths you might not see.

Today at work I got asked by my coworkers if I wanted to join them for a trip to a psychic fair tomorrow. I breathed in, mentally debating, and as my lips formed the N – I don’t have the money, don’t really know some of the people going – I thought of this post, and said, “Yes.” I debated the money and figured I would come up with something, swept up in planning the logistics with them. I would figure it out.

I come home to a refund check in the mail from school. The universe says yes, too.

His post not only talks about the positive experiences, which fill him with unexpected pleasure, but admits that it’s the negative ones are ones he learned the most from.

For too long, fear of failure held me back. Failure itself didn’t hold me back — the fear of it did. When I actually try something and fail, I generally get right back up and do it again, but better the second time. I pursue it until I succeed. But often I convince myself that I can’t do something because I’m going to fail at it, so I don’t even bother to try.

Holding on to this theory for the next two days, I will think that I will learn something from the last two weeks too; I’m just not sure I can see it all yet.


2 Responses to Say yes.

  1. firewings says:

    I did. It was hokey.

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