Taking out the book already

Humans aren’t very random, but J is definitely the best I have.
“Give me a number between one and a hundred,” I lean into his room, hanging on his door frame.
“Do we have to?” He asks as Stinky looks up and babbles in Cat to my question.
I sigh, “Another number?”
“That’s my favorite!”
“I know.”
“Twenty-three – picky, picky.”

#23 – Define your inscrutables.

“Is nothing sacred? Well, not really. You’re the type who puts it all out there – relationship details, depression-med doses, dark family secrets. With all that online infromation waiting to be discovered by your stunned parents, you might be surprised at how much readers still don’t know about me.”

*taps head* I need a dark secret. Or something. Help me Webster!

in·scru·ta·ble: not readily investigated, interpreted, or understood

Lessee…Maybe I can get five “not readily investigated” bits of my persona.

1. I will totally steal the crust off of pizza and leave the rest when no one is looking if there are tasty sauces to dip it in.
2. I hate how I look in glasses, yet I get more compliments when wearing them. I have determined a librarian fetish.
3. I collect boxes. Most of these boxes sit empty; interpret that as you wish.
4. I don’t quite understand what it means to be a woman. I think I’m slowly, slowly getting there. At least I’m not poking myself in the eye with kohl as much as I used to and that’s something.
5. I’m more sad when animals die in movies than when humans do. This leaves me stranded in thought because J and I just finished Aliens Resurrection and – *SPOILER* what is Ripley’s semi-baby? It had doggie eyes, yet liked to pop human skulls. I’m conflicted.


7 Responses to Taking out the book already

  1. eatsbugs says:

    Conflict is the nature of existence. It is through conflict we learn and learn to interpret the world. The particular instance tells me that you are like dogs, probably more specifically puppies, but don’t like undue violence in cute creature. This is an issue that should be resolved through close examination and psychotherapy. I know a guy.

  2. Thebutton says:

    Ooh I’m with ya on the first one. This is why I miss Papa John’s, I LOVE the cheese sauce from there…and the tasty bread sticks and the pepperocinis in every box. Dang nab it, why is it 1k for a friggen ticket to visit home?

  3. Movie mystery #2: How did the entire BTTF2 and BTTF3 thing work with Marty’s girlfriend? Really, she woke up on the swing and nothing happened to only her? I don’t buy it.

    P.S. I don’t want to delve into my secrets.

  4. firewings says:

    I think feminist agenda would tell you, CO, that she’s undervalued as a character because she’s a woman and that’s why her time travel is never deftly explained. That and DeLoreans are a big phallic symbol.

    Which totally explains everything for me.

  5. The Rebuker says:

    You totally have a sexy librarian vibe. The glasses help it become more overt but it’s the entire look for you: tall-er-ish, cute-verging-on-severe bob cut, your very reserved, impenetrable countenance that you just know hides a ravenous sex kitten. And, of course, you’re very literate, which, according to an old issue of Redbook I recently picked up, is actually very sexy.

  6. firewings says:

    Can you write my love life resume Rebuker? You make me sound awesome.

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