Ten Things Thursday …or Disjointed Donnerstag

1. Can someone tell me why small bicycles have caught on in a non-trick riding way? The only time I’ve seen this be useful is when someone brought their mini-bike onto the bus, but beyond that I really don’t understand how this could be fun and not painful.

2. Grad school is like Survivor. You decide if you want to eat rat by the fire, or brood in the bushes, or run around nekkid with your skivvies off in the surf. *sniff* They won’t let me in the nekkid alliance.

3. I tagged Ten Things Tuesday “ttt” because so that I could do it on Thursdays too without any tag guilt. I was forward thinking.

4. I am now on a CD being sold at the campus bookstore for a reading of WWII veteran letters that we have in the Archives. I’m now ahead of 87% percent of the “real” musicians I know. Zing!

5. I’ve sadly realized I’m going to need to let go of the words “Dude” and “Cool” to get my laminated Adult Career Club Card. And by adult I do not mean porn, but saying “Adult Career Club Card” may totally get me some random hits.

6. What does it say when Big Brothers Big Sisters gives you a Thank You gift certificate that is three months expired?

7. I’m trying hard to comment on random NaBloPoMo blogs but it seems the ones I hit are small, closed communities of friends. When I comment, I know that of crew of the same fifteen is wondering who this chick is that left this random comment filled with Dudes and Cools.

8. I think I’d do well during an episode of martial law. No one would expect the girl in the Volvo – just like the Spanish Inquisition.

9. I really have a horrible sense of spelling and editing my own work for where I am in my academic career. Texting really awakens the horror because then I’m stuck wondering how exactly “guarantee” is spelled to get my T9 to understand it.

10. Do you know I’m in a heightened state of paranoia regarding my use of dangling modifiers?


5 Responses to Ten Things Thursday …or Disjointed Donnerstag

  1. E says:

    Ten talkbacks… or deca-discussion

    1. The illusion of life as a circus became literal by law on August 7th.

    2. Vote someone off the committee! Grad school = “real life” = Survivor is the realest reality show ever.

    3.”ttt”? Down with capitalism!

    4. Do you get to make cool accents, or since you have foreign connections you play all the bad guys?

    5. Dude. That’s totally not cool. I believe that only those with prepared speech lose their fun euphemisms.

    6. They’re like real Big Brothers and Sisters?

    7. Hang out with the Cool Cats and Jive Monkeys instead, for they are more relaxed and totally into togetherness? Like more awesome hippies?

    8. A very special episode of Martial Law, part of Ten Things Thursday here on IP.


    10. Having finished trying to hard on the reply, I stop at ten.

  2. firewings says:

    Where would they go if they got voted off? Back to their parent’s basement? It’s genius – we need Mark Burnett stat!

  3. E says:

    And the person with the dramatic drums!

  4. Sarah says:

    Totally, dude totally!

  5. R.E. says:

    LOL You have to watch out for those dangling modifiers! They cause terribly paper cuts. 😉

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