Dirty, not stirred

I was going stir crazy tonight, so I opted for a little remote and faux chic blogging with taking my computer to the local swank and happening café in the grad scene. My computer had been off to the Never Never Land of repair so in theory I have a legitimate excuse of testing it out – the technology equivalent of taking it out on the highway, albeit with chai.

It’s an interesting thing, Yuppiedom. You try to test the waters on how the Yuppie scene would fit you and then get booted from the table because you have the wrong chips.

“Can I get a dirty chai,” I ask.
“Now what is That,” the girl behind the counter tilts her head and then thrusts it forward.
“Oh, um, well,” I stutter, “Chai with a shot of espresso.”
“Do we do that here?” She whips around and two other trendy barristas give me blank stares. A chorus of no’s, until the main girl nasally replies, “Well we call that a ‘chai charger’.”
“Oh. Well… one of those then.”
“So confusing,” she snaps.

No tip.


8 Responses to Dirty, not stirred

  1. Thebutton says:

    I shall have to try that drink sometime. I LOVE chai.

  2. Sarah says:

    What is chai?

  3. firewings says:

    A spiced tea concoction with milk, but most places tend to use mixes.

  4. themayor says:

    haha … you forgot to add …

    I snap. “No tip biatch!”

  5. firewings says:

    Heh, have you met me? I’m a passive aggressive activist. It’s difficult work I tell you.

  6. Thebutton says:

    On another note as to what chai tea is, it’s really just tea. Chai means tea, quite literally. Can we say redundant?

  7. eatsbugs says:

    “Hi. I’d like a lager.”
    “What is that?”
    “Uh, a fermented beverage of hops.”
    “Oh, we call that ale here.”
    *snap neck*
    “Give me my damn beer.

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