Crazy Eights

Too…many…margaritas…must post…in the next half hour…will do…the meme I was tagged for…

Thanks Jen! [Jen is awesome. She tags me. *sniff*]

8 things I’m passionate about:

This is a sensitive topic since I feel like I’m rather passionless in general…*debates another margarita…* But let’s give it a shot. Um, as in a try.

1. I’m passionate about the welfare of the people I love.
2. I really, really like my blog…
3. … You know something?
4. Passion is something very potent.
5. It’s something that motivates you. Makes you want to be a better person.
6. Moves you.
7. I don’t have that quite yet.
8. I’m getting close though.

8 things I want to do before I die:

Heh. I have this in a Word file I can just open up and cut and paste.

things_to_do_in_this_lifetime.doc Ooooh hey, I can cross out number one, “Ride a horse.” Stellar.

1. Go to Machu Picchu
2. Fly a kite
3. Travel the Nile
4. Ride in a hot air balloon
5. Own a business
6. Buy a motorcycle
7. Visit a nudist colony
8. Ride a mule down into the Grand Canyon

8 things I say often:

1. What the hey, hey.
2. How is this not pointless?
3. Damnit, Frank, why didn’t you throw your To Do lists away?
4. Oh my.
5. Well then.
6. I see.
7. Vajayjay
8. That just makes me laugh.

8 books I’ve read recently:

I’ll add a one line summary too!

1. We the Living by Ayn Rand: It’s all pointless, but let’s love the wrong person anyhow!
2. Critical Cyberculture Studies: Soon, we’re all going to be Lain.
3. Anthem by Ayn Rand: I heart me, very often, very violently, but very, very much.
4. HP and the Deathly Hallows: Deatheaters are people too; just higher insurance premiums.
5. Neuromancer by William Gibson: I already made a joke about Lain. Darn.
6. A Separate Peace by John Knowles: Boys are dumb.
7. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov: Good writing can detach you from pedophilia?
8. Comparative Rhetoric by George Kennedy: All dogs go to heaven.

8 songs I could listen to over and over:

That’s pretty much the extent of my iPod playlists.

1. The Bravery – Believe
2. The B-52’s -52 girls
3. Ashley MacIssac – Belle Corte
4. Cat Power – Free
5. flashbulb – God Sheds Snake Skin
6. The Police – Hungry for You
7. Snow Patrol – Somewhere a Clock is Ticking
8. Timo Maas – Hash Driven

8 things that attract me to my best friends:

1. Humor: the good, the bad, the punny
2. Intelligence
3. Well-groomed
4. Has car
5. Wait, this is about friends?
6. Can bake me cakes
7. Likes to bake me cakes
8. Won’t blame me for their flatulence

8 people I think should do Crazy Eights:

Crap, do I know eight people?

1. E
2. J
3. K
4. The Rebuker
5. Lisa
6. Chickdrummer
7. El Pollo Diablo
8. Quirky Jessi


2 Responses to Crazy Eights

  1. K says:

    No sleep last night I take it? 🙂 With your music I’ve never heard any of those songs, ever. So I’m off to find them all on youtube. Will be my adventure for the day.

    You’ve never flown a kite before? They are like 1.99$ at your local 7-11! Go do it! Today! You’ll thank me later … or hate me for the lack of work you did.

    Hehe, have a good one.

  2. Thebutton says:

    Thank you for participating! I chuckled here and there and that makes a great start to a Friday morning. 🙂

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