You. Yes, you there, with the random info.

I’ve been asked by Silent K to tell the world seven more tidbits of IP random. I do well with random.

There are rules too: Link to the person that tagged [Check.] Tag 7 random people participating in NaBloPoMo at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. [Ooh, I get to use the NaBlogPoMo randomizer!] Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. [Score! Procrastination!]

1. It’s the point of the semester that Red Bull makes a good bit of money of me. I get all pent up with energy so that I can do my string of all nighter’s that could have been easily avoided. It can get very bad. For example, this morning (note the procrastination blogging), I got so jazzed on RB that I try to turn down my music, wonder where the hell my Winamp program went on my desktop, wonder why it’s not on, quickly debate that I’m losing my mind and hearing music in my head very vibrantly today, and then remember that under the random stacks of paper it’s my iPod that’s plugged into my stereo instead of my computer.

2. I used to dislike web comics, but now, I’ve rather grown to like random ones. Here are two:



3. I have noted that there are similar traits in the men I date beyond the physical. They all have the salient ability to trust the world so implicitly that they can be, and repeatedly are, taken advantage of. This makes me worry about where I am in this equation.

4. I still say I speak fluent German, but I debate that my years of inactivity are making me more and more rusty in it. I can still understand everything, that never has gone away even though I go through stages of speaking very well and very poorly depending on my exposure to the language. This fact of understanding it makes me unable to fake a German accident for a humorous effect because I’ve never been able to really clearly distinguish the key wrong intonations that would make the delivery recognizable. In other words, I’ve never heard German as the harsh, guttural language that people always claim it to be and thus find it nearly impossible to imitate.

5. I love the university’s Inter Library Loan dearly; sadly, they’ve managed to employ the most curmudgeon, stereotypical “SHHHH” librarians they could find.

6. If there were a massive, end world scenario, and we figured out that we could survive by eating lotion, me and mine would be in the butter. Rephrased: I have accumulated a lot of lotion for some strange reason. [And it’s not for Those Reasons people.]

7. I have to write a bio for myself for a mock conference a class of mine is staging. I remember that in high school that I was put in the local newspaper as Student of the Week and writing down as a hobby on my bio that I “cultivated peaches”. I thought this was hysterical, especially when I got asked by a classmate if I really did grown my own peaches. Guess I look the part too.

I’m only going with two honest to goodness random NaBloPoMoer’s. This was a little strange doing in itself. I got a porn link, the closed LiveJournal community, a private Myspace blog, a bunch of people that were presently already doing tags (I can see the whole community running on empty), and then I gave up. Need more Red Bull for this endeavor.

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Chasing Twilight


4 Responses to You. Yes, you there, with the random info.

  1. Kallie_Pigeon says:

    I dread writing that bio.

    You’re not sorry you missed class. Mr. Pomophobic took on Ms. Time-Is-But-a-Construct in an intellectual cage match to the death (mine).

  2. firewings says:

    Man, I am sorry! I love that stuff!

  3. krista says:

    Aaah your efforts are much appreciated. Brave doing the randomizer. That thing makes my head hurt. German- wow.

  4. firewings says:

    Same hurting in the head here from that. I was such a bad NaBloPoMo “fellowshiper”. I really had meant to get out and about more. Oh well. Next year then.

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