He’s right.

As we sat at a light late last night:

“I do think he’ll become rotund in the future,” I mused.
“What?” J replied.
I reflected that mused means mumbled in my world.
“I think he’ll become rotund in the future.”
“He’ll what?” J fidgeted with the clutch and gear shifter.
“He’ll become portly.”
“Quit answering to a word I don’t know with another word I don’t know!”
“I was hoping you’d know portly! I’m trying to be discreet.”
“Do you mean fat? Because, just say FAT.”


5 Responses to He’s right.

  1. Jessi says:

    Lol. Don’t you just hate when that happens? Trying to use a nice or discreet word….and the other person just never getting it?

  2. strangerandstranger says:

    Beats beating around the bush.

  3. eatsbugs says:

    But what you really meant to say was that he’ll be an f’ing blob one day. Right?

    @J: Don’t take the girl’s big-word mojo. It’s the core of her being sometimes. Also see, English grad.

  4. Just saying “fat” lacks a certain amount of panache and is just boring to say. Get a thesaurus and be more interesting when you speak. Sheesh…

  5. Acid Burn says:

    I heart the word panache.

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