A Moment of Peace

I have to keep changing the intro to this post because I’m such a bad person. It has started with “A few days ago” and went to “A week or two ago” to “A couple weeks ago” and now I have to say it’s been at least two months. I’m not a nice person indeed. 

Lisa from Nerdy Renegade is! 

She wrote a post about how she wanted to get cracking on her photo work and challenged people to comment on her post. The people who commented by the correct time would get a lovely package of goodies.

I got on that. I love, love, love, LUV mail!

Lisa, a cohort at Blogher from last summer, is off on a journey to experience authenticity and peace in her life. She’s been working on issues dedicated to peace and runs PeaceThings.com. From the site:

We created PeaceThings to offer a visual voice to all who believe that conflict can be resolved by peaceful means. We create and sell peace symbol apparel, flags, buttons and other peace things, so you can speak up for peace every day. We promote fair trade, and aim to offer all sweatshop free merchandise.

PeaceThings is committed to generating income to promote peace and prosperity around the world. Our efforts help to promote the Dayton International Peace Museum.

Lo and behold, I got mail!


What’s great is that she wrapped it with all this inspirational stickers. The most esteem-boosting package I’ve gotten in…well, it’s my first expressly esteem-boosting package I have to say.

All postcards Cow

The hazy tree is probably my favorite. My meditating cow likes the Asian garden vistas. You can find the cards here, and there is a whole host of other nifty things in the shop as well.

If we have no peace, it is because we’ve forgotten that we belong to each other.
-Mother Teresa


3 Responses to A Moment of Peace

  1. Lisa says:


    Some things are well worth waiting for! This post is a perfect example.

    I am honored by your words and humbled (and oh so happy) that my little package had such an effect on you. JOY!!!

    Much gratitude for your thoughtful post,

  2. Mom says:

    Be serious, you are a very good person. You just went to a lot of hard TIMES in your young life. You could not choose your parents, nobody can, and still you made the best out of it. Look at your life, things are going good and will get even better, hang in there. Ups can always be right around the corner and if you are positive and believe anything is possible, especially with people, who have a sharp mind like you, will find a way to make the best out of anything.

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