One holiday down.


My turkey turned out mindblowingly well. But the crowning achievement were my homemade croutons, which turned into homemade stuffing. I am well chuffed with my handiwork, let me tell you. 

Let me share The Stuffing!

Now for the rest of the pictures…

The Before
The before

The Leftovers
The Leftovers

Extreme Turkey Makeover, Before
Turkey Before

ETM, After
The Turkey After

From bread cubes…
Bread Cubes
…to croutons!

The Outcome
Strange little family


6 Responses to One holiday down.

  1. E says:

    1) It’s all about the stuffing.
    2) Diet Coke is digusting. I find your turn from Coke Zero to be a huge disturbance in the Force.
    3) Have I ever lamented about being the only one in my family who likes cranberry sauce, thus resulting in my mother randomly forgetting it when I go home to eat a holiday dinner?

  2. firewings says:

    Did I tell you how disturbed I am by cranberry sauce that is not in the shape of a can?

    And I’m not saying I’m forgetting about the joy of Coke Zero, I’m just broadening my horizons.

  3. Lisa says:

    Fabulous! Great photos! Congrats on your accomplishment. What a feast!

    Specifically love how your kitty is right there at the table, too 🙂


  4. eatsbugs says:

    1) Looks good. Wish I’d could have been there to help you, uh, eat it all.

    2) OOOH, moving from one diet drink to another. You and your exotic tastes.

    3) Cranberries are gross, and though my family also serves it in its can shape, it reminds me of some meat. We let our sauce dry out after dinner this time. It definitely looks like meat.

  5. The Rebuker says:

    I am awash with envy and shame and drool. Homemade — Nay! Super-duper homemade — stuffing!? And not just a turkey, but a turkey that looks as though it was golden brown right out of the oven.
    I just . . . I mean . . . wow, man, wow.

  6. firewings says:

    @Rebuker – Ha! *bows* Thanks!

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