Y vs. X

I have a lot of guy friends. In fact, out of my four closest friends, only one is female, who sadly is 9 hours away. What is up with that ratio? I realized a while back during the year’s mandatory “Crap, all my good pants have holes” shopping extravaganza that I really could have used someone that tells me that my putukas does not work that pair of pants. J will tag along, but he tends to get narcoleptic on me, sleeping in dressing room chairs.

To betray the home team, it’s not just all about clothes shopping. Not really the biggest fan, I’m too cheap and it is a lil’ boring. It’s something else I’m missing and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

The last girl that I really clicked with came from Austria. We hung out and did quintessential girly things, like admiring guys and dying hair. Our illogicality linked in a way that we both thought that we must be related. This wasn’t too far off. When discussing our backgrounds, it turned out that her grandmother and my grandfather grew up in towns about twenty kilometers away. Small world. Sadly, not small enough when she went back to Austria.

The thing that I like about men, even my friends who are a bit more in touch with their sensitivity, is that they are focused. They are logical, they do have the Problem = Solution way to address situations, and they do extend my thinking away from the neurotic. I sometimes severely need this. This though might be why I get frustrated with my sense of femininity, I don’t have anything to really reflect it.

But I think I would like that solidarity that was probably brainwashed into me when I was a 12 year old Spice Girls convert. Turns out Girl Power was a crock. Now I try to hang out with girls, but…at my age I think, how do you make close, female friends? How do you establish solidarity? How does that work? There are girls that I would love to just hang out with, but damn, asking them out to coffee feels like such a lesbian angle to me. There it is: it just seems icky.

Maybe I’ll ask them to go play ping pong with me.


11 Responses to Y vs. X

  1. E says:

    Problem = Lack of estrogen lifeform friends.

    Solution = Bring the Spice Girls back to life with the use of black magic, chemistry, and a lightning storm.

    This solution offers elegance, pizazz, groovy pop tunes, dark arts, potential of hilarious hijinks, and the female empowerment of branching into the predominately male-driven field of mad science. I’m surprised you never thought of it.

  2. The Rebuker says:

    What exactly is the “lesbian angle” and will harnessing its mystical Fibonacci-like powers reveal the secrets of the universe?

    Also, we talk about going out to coffee a lot. Maybe we should try air hockey.

  3. firewings says:

    @E – Um, aren’t the Spice Girls already back? Not “back to life” per se…

    @Rebuker – I’m terrible at air hockey.

  4. Solution #2: do you know any gay men?

  5. The Rebuker says:

    Angular lesbian coffee it is, then.

  6. KalliePigeon says:

    I think your putukas look(s? Is that plural?) fine in all your pants.

  7. firewings says:

    @chick drummer – Indeed I do. He’s one of my top four. …Myspace style.

    @Rebuker – What exactly is angular lesbian coffee? This sounds like a mod for a video game. I’ve been around J too long.

    @KalliePigeon – Why thank you. (s) I wasn’t fishing for compliments but I won’t say no.

  8. eatsbugs says:

    Angular Lesbian Coffee will correct all those pesky bulldog.exe viruses and will build you a shed out of corrugated aluminum and back hair.

  9. scientist says:

    Yeah, I feel the same way. I happened upon your blog when I searched y vs x in pursuit of a particular scientific convention, but anyway, your post leaves me wondering:

    What is it that average girls do during their free time? Do they even hang out, and if they do, how do they spend that time? My impression is that they hang out in groups of which I am not a part, painting their nails, trying to be liked, and talking sh*t about other girls. Is this average or just some misconception I’ve gained from the world that surrounds me?

    My only girl friend and I have decided we’re particularly unlike the rest of the girls. We hate TV, we hate make up, and we’ve never gone shopping together except grocery shopping. All we do is hike, cook, and make art.

    We’ve both moved away, and I haven’t found another girl friend since. How do you make girl friends?

  10. firewings says:

    Once I figure it out, I’ll write a how-to post. ^_^

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