Pathways and Versions

I watched Atonement at the beginning of the week which led me to grab anyone I could by the shirt collar and shout, “You must see this film!!1!!11” It’s insanely beautiful – vibrant and laced with colors that helped elevate the scenes to a more sublime level. It’s great film if you like love stories. And while I don’t particularly want a sad love story for myself (I’ve had my fill with that lately in real life), I would dig the kind of passion that the main characters had. Not a spoiler, but in one scene the woman clings to the man and strokes his face where he’s shaking with rage and whispers, “Come back to me. Come back.” He looks into her eyes and you can see that she just takes his emotion into herself.

Aaach! *clutches heart* …Plus they get jiggy with it in a library. That’s always a bonus.

I was slightly disturbed by the casting of the young girl. She looked eerily like me, down to the mole on my check. Even the same darn haircut. Not only that, but she liked to write and is obsessed about having things in their place (this is more alluded to in the book)…So I, um, am glad I don’t have an older sister whose life I could muck up.

I’ve noticed this similarity between people more in the last couple years. It seems that the more people I meet the more they tend to look the same. I wonder if this happens for the same reason I read about how the passing of time changes the older you become. I tried to find the link but was unable to, but let me recap the idea. The general hypothesis was that time passes quicker when you’re older because you’ve already created a pathway in your mind for a certain activity or experience. Thus, the mundane seems to go quicker because you’ve already etched those onto your mind. The repetition then glosses over the moment of time you take to do it. More reason for having unique daily occurences, I would think.

So likewise, maybe I’m grouping the look of people together by the paths that I’ve established in my mind. Strangely, this gives me a bit of hope for my future dating experience. If I’ve set a pattern for what my type of male is, maybe I can weed them out better depending on the version. You just have to find the right version that matches the right version of yourself.

I can just imagine these conversations at a bar.

“God, you look so familiar. Wait, what version are you?”
“I’m version 4.728.”
“Right, my ex was a version 3.573. What’s new about you?”
He takes a swig from his beer, “I ride a bike. I’m the Green model.”
“I guess that’s a step up from no car…” I muse.
He looks me up and down. “You might be looking for version 5.248 at the other end of the bar. He has a nicely dependable car and pays his own insurance.”
“Nice.” The house band blares in the background. I ask, “Oh, are you in a band?”
He blinks. “No, you must have us confused with another brand. We’ve never been musically inclined.”
“Oh. I see. So sorry.”
“No prob. I’ve hear the 6th generation is going to be a doozy – HD capable and marriage specs.”
“Whoa. Marria- Hey did you just say ‘doozy’?”
“I’m equipped with the GF vernacular language integration component.” He spits onto the bar floor.
“Still spitting though, eh?” I grimace.
“Gotta give the programmers something to do.”


7 Responses to Pathways and Versions

  1. theMayor says:

    Hey there missy! I’ll have you know that if it were in any way to “reprogram” a woman, I’d be coding for a few days …. and then *POOF*, the perfect woman. 😉

  2. eatsbugs says:

    *blinks* You may have reached a new high point on weird creativity.

  3. a lee says:

    My theory on people looking similar is that there are a few major genetic threads, and the more people we meet, the more we discover that they/we fall into particular genetic buckets.

    On the passage of time, I think yours is probably more correct, but I’ve also long-liked the idea that time passage is perceived as a percentage of your overall past. A month is a relatively long time to a four year old (over 2% of his/her entire life), but just a blink (less than 0.1% of your life) if you’re ninety.

  4. firewings says:

    Oooh, I like the percentage idea of time.

  5. Lisa says:

    This is hilarious!

    Indeed, my husband and I have started to morph. After 17 years together, we say the same things at the same time – and (gasp!) people have told us (and we agree based on some photos) that we look alike. Ugh!!!

    I think you’re onto something with that bar scene dialogue. I see a movie script in your future!

  6. strangerandstranger says:

    If only life was that easy.

  7. chickdrummer says:

    That’s great dialogue there! Do more!

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